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According to the TRAINS magazine NewsWire Norfolk Southern will be sporting a fleet of eighteen heritage-painted locomotives. There will be 10 EMD SD70ACe and 8 GE ES44AC units in the program. The railroads included are:

• Central of Georgia
• Conrail
• Erie
• Erie Lackawanna
• Lehigh Valley (red)
• New Haven (not definite yet)
• New York Central
• Nickel Plate Road
• Norfolk & Western (blue)
• Penn Central
• Pennsylvania (Tuscan Red)
• Pittsburgh & West Virginia
• Reading
• Savannah & Atlanta
• Southern
• Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia
• Virginian
• Wabash
To break this down more here is a list from NS Locomotives

SD70ACe : Savannah & Atlanta , Pittsburgh & West Virginia , Penn Central , Reading , Erie , Erie Lackawanna , Virginian , New Haven or 1960`s Norfolk Southern , New York Central , Wabash.

ES44AC : Conrail , N&W , Pennsy , Lehigh Valley , Nickle Plate Road , Southern Green : E8 style , Tennessee Alabama & Georgia , Central of Georgia.

I was just coming here to post about this but seen you had already brian lol.
An ES44AC in CR Blue? I better start saving to do a repaint Eek
Wonder why no CNJ.
This is going to really put a dent in my wallet. There's a SOU and C of G (and possibly others) with my name on it...assuming someone like Kato or Fox Valley decides to make them.
tomustang Wrote:Wonder why no CNJ.

I have no idea why there is no CNJ. Maybe they forgot about it. I can't wait to see the PRR, New York Central, & PC units.
SD70 in New Haven paint.....?
Nice paint job Ed, Thumbsup but you would need a SD70ACe if they go with the New Haven paint scheme. In my opinion they should go with that theme because what sense would it make to go with the 1960's Norfolk Southern paint scheme. They should stick with the roads names they own. Juniata Shops is to paint 5 out of the 18 Heritage Units at their shops in Altoona, Pa. The class that has been chosen to be painted there is the ES44AC locomotives.
They do own the old Norfolk Southern. It is a heritage line too.
Oh I know Charlie. But i'm sure you can see my point on why have a NS loco ( just from looking at Ed's SD70 ) instead of a New Haven loco painted? Or they could do one better and paint both a NS & NH loco. But I guesss we will have to wait and see. I know I will be watching for these locomotives to come down the line. Thumbsup
I know its just an SD70M. I painted and decaled this Athearn model about twelve years ago, That was before EMD released the ACe. I did this McGuiness theme cause thats how the New Haven painted thier EMD GP-9's. I also have a GP-60 in thsi scheme.


My favorite is my GE C44-9W fashioned after New Haven's GE U-25Bs. This is a Kato model that I did around the same time as my SD70M.

OK everyone follow this link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.nscorp.com/nscportal/nscorp/Media/images/heritage_images.html">http://www.nscorp.com/nscportal/nscorp/ ... mages.html</a><!-- m -->

NS has pictures of the heritage paint schemes they are going to use.
No New Haven? Sad
Justinmiller171 Wrote:No New Haven? Sad

Nope New Haven. They have gone with the original NS, also there is no Penn Central either.
Well, they are all Penn Central, just different letters. Icon_lol
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