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Hey guys, its been a long while since i have made an appearance and posted here at the Big Blue. To be honest, i dont even remember the last time I posted here. Ive been a very busy person the past couple years and havnt had all that much time to keep up with forums. Havnt had all that much time for modeling either. To sum it all up, ive just been busy trying to make a living in this tough economy lol. Ive gone through some tough times budget wise and im sure that alot of the members here have had similar experiences in the past couple years. Im thankful to have had a decent job that at least brought in enough money to stay afloat. I recently started a new job working with my dad at our local GMC-Buick Dealership, hes worked as a Fleet Manager there for 15 years now and the timing was just right after having to quit my previous job, so im happy to still be working and thankful for being so lucky to be working.

ive not forgotten about the great people here and hope that you all are doing well and still keeping up with the great modeling that has been going on around the forum. I hope to once again keep up with the forums here and to see some of the things ive missed out on during the time that I was not active here. See you guys around Cheers
Hey! I remember a Trucklover. Cheers

Welcome back to the fold. Welcome

Of course now that you're back, we're going to start bugging you for updates to modeling projects, layout ideas or work, and truck and/or engine detailing. 357
LOL thanks for the welcome back Mark!

I havnt done much modeling as of late, but I have started on work for a large fleet of trucks I am doing for a local Cement & Aggregate company. It includes plans for about a 50 truck fleet and a module of a large gravel and cement plant based on the Robertson's plant near Cabazon/Palm Springs, CA just off the I-10 freeway

Here is a teaser photo, see more in the thread i just posted Misngth

[Image: DSCN0313.jpg]
Josh --

It is great to see our truck, road and structure magician again !

Josh: Glad to hear things are turning around for you again! Big Grin Big Grin Welcome back!!!
It's good to see you back Josh. 2285_ We did miss you and wondered how you were doing. Yeah, the economy has made it tough on a lot of people and we're hoping that would change very soon. Stop by as often as you can, it doesn't matter if you're not doing any modeling, just stop by anyway.....
Hi Josh---welcome back---I spotted some things at a recent Canada Day parade I thought you might enjoy

[Image: P1130442-2.jpg]

[Image: P1130443.jpg]

[Image: P1130469.jpg]

[Image: P1130480.jpg]
Welcome back Josh!
Good to see you've moved back into "Living Mode", and are no longer in "Survival Mode" :o Thumbsup Welcome back.