Full Version: It's That Wonderful Time Of Year Again.
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No not Christmas that's still 163 days off.. 357

I won't be around to much starting tomorrow due to the club's open house during the week of the county fair(July 15th-21st).

On the down side this may be our last if the fairboard raises our rent again next year and that's a strong possibility.Our dues just doubled to $10.00/mo or $120 year and that just covers the basics like fuel oil and the needed layout maintenance items..Our train show profit barely paid the club's rent and insurance this year due to the fairboard raising the rent on the youth building and and the company that rents the tables raise their price by 20%.
Have Fun!! Smile

I hope that all works out.. It's rough when the unseen costs ruin good things like clubs. Sad Sad
Well,another county fair is in the book since today was my last day due to 765 coming to town.

Since we had lots of help this year I only ran trains for a total of 14 hours this week and had zero problems except when my train wrecked on a wreck..A follow club member's train derailed in front of mine and my train plowed into it before theoperator could stop it-we take turns at the control panel..No damage to my Atlas GP38s..Other then that it was rather boring.