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Another GE loco project I am working on a U-18B.Not totally correct but afterall it is a MTS rebuild for the GVR. That hump in the bottom picture is as far as I can tell camera distortion.Project is far from done but this shows what I've got done in 2 days. :mrgreen:

[Image: GVR-5450.jpg]

[Image: GVR-5450_a.jpg]

[Image: GVR-5450_b.jpg]
Progress report time.Frame is done engineer's long hood railing is done.I used .020" brass wire for that.Four hobbyshops in this town and no steel or phosphor bronze wire in any of them. Wallbang Oh well at least I am making progress.I think.

[Image: GVR-5450_d.jpg]
The Other side.

[Image: GVR-5450_e.jpg]
The U-18B project is based on a article in the March 1984 Model Railroader.Those old mags do come in handy at times. :mrgreen:
What will be I hope a CRR of NJ 4-4-0 camelback # 567. A loco that was made at the Ashley shops.

Well I don't have the right to Edit my own post and place a photo their so here is a photo of the CRR of NJ D4 class 4-4-0 camelback. It is a kitbash using a AHM 4-4-0 drive.
* Here is another photo taken earlier. My LVRR E-28 was pulling it newly lettered passenger train around when I placed the D4 on the layout with it. When I realized what I did I took this photo. Now I don't get here much, and miss a lot of what is being said. I am sorry about my answer to top heavy locomotives. Lutz, Thanks for saying nice things about my Locomotive. Also that was great info on the Crampton loco. Sumpter 250 good point about that outside rail being raised on curves.
Now as to camelbacks looking top heavy. As opposed to standard rear cab loco's. The standard 4-4-0 looked lower down because it had a narrow fire box and ash pan which fit between the frame members. On a camelback this cant be done for the firebox and ash pan are just too wide, and the boiler has to be raised above the drivers. On both my last locomotives I built, they had Wootten fireboxes. On both I had to extend the raised cylinder boiler support to where the ash pan was above the drivers. So a top heavy looking loco was made. I posted this because I had to do this to both locos.

* Now for my disclaimer, It seems to be that this post is ok and makes sense. Now I am certain that weeks or months from now, that I will want to change something in this post. But because of the Administration here and their decisions I won't be able to for I will lose my ability to edit this post. This makes me very uncomfortable and feel unsafe here and effects the quality and quantity of my posts. I just hope I have not offended anyone with this post. For i can't do anything about it.

My train, the 4-4-0 Lehigh valley #5 camelback running.
Link to Video.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/30431536@N03/sets/72157650330580040/">https://www.flickr.com/photos/30431536@ ... 330580040/</a><!-- m -->
Here My CRR of NJ camelback 4-4-0c # 567 runs around the layout.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/30431536@N03/15347614624/in/set-72157642759575985">https://www.flickr.com/photos/30431536@ ... 2759575985</a><!-- m -->
Progress report on the SD40-3 CATT,starting at the front.Short hood is ATLAS SD35 with hood mount headlights,dynamic brake blister is Athearn GP 60 with conversion to two fans,radiator assembly is a SD90 part from a Rail Power SD90,long hood end is from the same SD35 as the short hood.All five fans will be ATLAS as they were fairly inexpencive and they are see through.Loco itself is a Athearn blue box SD40-2.I intend to keep the metal handrails as this unit will most likely spend a fair amount of time on our club layout.

[Image: SD40-3_CATT_2.jpg]

[Image: SD40-3_CATT_4.jpg]

[Image: SD40-3_CATT_7.jpg]
Project # 2 is a Athearn blue box F 45.Thisone I've been thinking about for a long time > I finally decided to either do it or toss the pieces/parts. The cab is a Detail Associates phase 1 SD60 wide cab. Both the shell and the cab were actually junk by themselves but combined I think the look good together. The only mod to the shell was to raise the flat part of the roof to mate with the F 45 body.

[Image: GVR-F45-1.jpg]

[Image: GVR-F45-2.jpg]

[Image: GVR-F45-3.jpg]

Bodywork is finished,and ready for primer but since I can't spray solvent based paints in the house (would bother both the wife and Mikey our cocoteil ) it will have to wait for warmer weather. :wait: :wait:
I just spent $82.00 on detail parts for the SD40-3 CATT and the three locos posted here.

[Image: EMD_SD40-2T-a.jpg]

[Image: GE_U30-B-a.jpg]

[Image: GE_U33-B-a.jpg]

If I keep buying these Athearn blue box locos I'm going to have more HO locos than N scale. Eek Nope
I almost forgot.This is the latest update pic for the F-45.

[Image: GVR-F45-7.jpg]
Status report for the SD40-3 CATT. Grab irons are all installed.I'm still deciding on a Canon & Co. cab since A-Line has flush fitting windows for the Athearn cab I am of a mind that I don't really need another project for this project.I have 52" fans from Detail associates coming from Model Train Stuff the dynamics will get 48" ATLAS fans.

The next major project will be body mounting the couplers to use to hold the frame in place and get rid of the pins on the sides of the walkway.I have not given any thought to replacing the handrails as this loco will spend some serious time on the club layout.

DCC is a must as is LED lighting .I have not given much thought to sound as I don't know if there are any sound chips for the big CATT diesel prime movers.Here is a pic taken about 15 minutes ago of the loco's current appearance.

[Image: SD40-3_CATT_8.jpg]
Not being able to resist temptation and the fans arrived today I decided that fans and loco should be joined.The black fans are ATLAS 48" for the dynamics and the gray are 52" from Detail Associates for the radiators.

[Image: SD40-3_CATT_9.jpg]
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