Full Version: Shamus - AMR Remnants Part I
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Part of the information about Shamus' Cooncreek & Tumbleweed Springs On30 layout.

As was mentioned - we thought it would be good to preserve some of the history of Paul (Shamus) Templar's modeling. I have recreated some of this information below
From Shamus' Web Site:
Hi, my name is Paul Templar. I have been modelling the American scene for the last 30 years and have had the pleasure of my railroads being featured in many magazines in this country and America. I have had a happy 14 year association with Randy Lee, who was the editor of Model Railroading Magazine (U.S.A.) (Sadly now gone) and Andrew Burnham (Continental Modeller) UK. The latest article in Model Railroading was March 2004 for my 0n30 creation "Cooncreek & Tumbleweed Springs. Since then I have had further publications for other layouts I have built.

Over the past 50 years, yes, 50 years on the building of a model railroads either for myself or for other people, I have learnt many aspects of model making. One aspect is, you learn many talents. I can also make a flat assertion in that you will never stop the learning process.

When I first started into the realms of Railroad Modelling, the knowledge I gained from watching other people work gave me much pleasure. The questions I asked, of these people I watched, must have run into the thousands. All were very helpful in putting up with this very young teenager who wanted a railroad for himself.