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One of my other hobbies is collecting and sometimes customizing scale vehicles.These are liable to be in any scale ,and any era.Models that really get my interest are those done for local companies.This first picture is of a new Tonkin Replicas model of a Meijer reefer van.Meijer is celebrating 75 years of business and is a (now) Grand Rapids,MI. based company.To give you an idea of how sucessful Meijers is they are the company that Wal-Mart got their Super Wal-Mart idea from.Any way here is a pic of one of the model trucks.

[Image: meijer1.jpg]

Hidden behind that cab shroud is a very nicely modeled Thermo King reefer unit.

I will be posting more pics of my vehicle collection(s). :mrgreen:
1/24th scale. The paint used was the factory touch-up paint that came with the car, '71, Challenger R/T, 340 4bbl, 4 speed.
The license plate is a scale version of the plate that was on the original vehicle. ( I still have the plate )

Jordan miniatures "Mack" truck.
Of all the "vehicles" I've built, painted, modified, these are the only two I have photos of :?: :?
I have a small collection of 30's threw 50's autos from 1:64th on up and the random odd ball that falls outside that time period, been on the lookout for a small die cast model of my vehicles an F-150 crew cab 2001, Trans am ram air 2000. All time favorite are 50's cars lots of fins and chrome. I have I think an 1:32 ford Edsel and a funny looking Turbine (Chrysler) that is a convertable but most say there was never a turbine convertable made. I also like Coke trucks I have 12 or so all different some are Hartoy and some are K-line. If anyone would like to see a pic or two of the collection let me know.
Diecast 1:87 scale Kenworth I reworked a little,Over the4 road rig modified to day cab style,removed the sleeper built a new rear cab wall from styrene (cab is die cast) shortened the frame and repainted the truck.

[Image: k-worth1.jpg]

[Image: k-worth2.jpg]
One more before I fall asleep at the keyboard,Freightliner Columbia day cab conversion,sleeper removed ,new rear cab wall made,frame shortened,headache rack is scratchbuilt.

[Image: frtlnr4.jpg]

[Image: frtlnr2.jpg]

[Image: frtlnr1.jpg]

[Image: frtlnr3.jpg]
Jon do you have a favorable scale over the others, or do all the scales favor the same?

I like the 1/24-25 scale simple cause of volume on the market
I like most scales,I don't have room at home for my 1:24/25 scale stuff so it is stored away in a heated /airconditioned polebarn (nice to have friends :mrgreen: ) My vehicles range all the way from Z (1:220) N (1:160-1:150-1:144) HO 1:87) S 1:64) O (1:43-1:48-!:50) I also do 1:32 scale which in modelrailroadese is #1 scale.

This post has pics of some of my 1:144 stuff. :mrgreen: First up is a under construction shot of my Ford Expediter (sp)This was built from a ERTL 1:144 Ford hiway tractor.

[Image: 1-144frd.jpg]

Another ERTL Ford this one started out like the green one above I removed the sleeper,shortened the chassis,kit bashed the flatbed
trailer.This is a construction photo the truck is now finished and earning it's keep.That white box trailer is another of my kitbashed creations.

[Image: 1-144yetr.jpg]

Are we bored yet?

One more truck in this post.This one is again a ERTL (actually these were Racing Champions but ERTL bought the company) This one is a Kenworth T-600 with the penthouse removed making the sleeper into a flat top.The trailer is a kitbashed 53" of no particular brand.

[Image: 1-144t600.jpg]

Ok someone else can have a turn now. :mrgreen:
Neat stuff Jon, I like miniature models of anything, especially when they are photographed and you can't tell that they are models. I guess that's what attracts us and a lot of other people to model railroading. Thumbsup
Hi all,

here are some pics of a few of my die cast cars.

I will start with the Coke cars and trucks.




Here we have the Edsel and a Chrysler turbine and an overall pic of cars being recorded only about a tenth of the way done on that job Icon_lol




Keeping the theme going,ATLAS 1:87 Ford with 20' flatbed.

[Image: redbed1.jpg]
Some 1:64 scale stuff,some of this is Hot Wheels some is Matchbox are are modified at least a little,First upa Hot Wheels 40Ford 2-dor body cleaned upand painted candy red,car is finished just don't have any newer pics

[Image: 40ford-3.jpg]

[Image: 40ford-4.jpg]

Hot Wheels 41 Ford custom ,lowered with custom wheels

[Image: 41ford.jpg]

Hot Wheels custom 51 Merc front and rear views

[Image: 51mercry.jpg]

[Image: 51merc2.jpg]

Matchbox 56 Ford pick up,candy red paint,mag wheels ,custom wood floor in bed.

[Image: 56rdfd3.jpg]

[Image: 56rdfd4.jpg]

Awesome modeling, really like the wood bed in the pickup Thumbsup
Newest addition to my newest addiction collecting replicas of real company trucks.

[Image: swift-1.jpg]

Found this online for $6.less than I payed for it,but the shipping was $7.
I guess this might fit in here it is a

Patton tank kit by Lind-berg in 1:64th supplier was American models as loads for their cool flatcars in S gauge or bought separately for $5.00 a kit there are 4 tank kits to choose from. The kit is simple and would look great as a load the longest part of building them is waiting for glue to dry.




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