Full Version: Are you addicted to your cell phone
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...or I Pad ....whatever .

Our local radio station was conducting a poll on my way to work . The announcer went on to say that he , himself , looks at his Smart phone first thing in the morning , has it beside him all day and evening and looks at it before he goes to sleep . Essentially he is joined at the hip ...AND he is deathly afraid of dropping/breaking it , lest he be without a phone for any length of time . Yep , I'd say he's addicted .

I don't even have one so I guess I'm out ! Goldth

The only electronic gizmos I'm "addicted" to is my MRC Tech 6,my Kindle e-reader and my PS1 and PS2.My cell phone is a very basic simple flip open type..
That make two of us, I see people sitting in restaurants, walking around stores, in parking lots and even in their cars, fixated on the screen in front of them, and their fingers flying around or poking at the screen. Me, I've got a drawer full of dumb phones, one of which is in the car in case of emergency. I have failed to add minutes or months to it, so we can't make a regular call if we wanted to, but we can still call 911 if need be. The only time it's been turned on in past few years is to make sure the battery is still charged.

I have no one that we need to call, that can't wait until we get home, the same goes for reading my email or surfing the Internet. I've lived in these parts long enough that we don't even turn on the GPS in the vehicles, never mind on a phone and I most certainly don't need to play games while I wait for my food to be served at a restaurant.

To answer your question, a resounding NO.... The same goes for Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, or any other social site.... Icon_lol
I guess you can buy those prepaid phones that are throw aways after the prescribed time ....think I'd get one of those if I was going away on a trip . I guess the term " addicted " is a little strong but that's how they worded it on the radio. You're right , Don , I see lots of fixated people walking around ...beats the heck out of me as to the " necessity " . I wonder if people are on a date ...do they each look at their screens and ignore each other . Tongue

My cell phone is a "mini-brick".........it is a phone, and it is there if I need to call for help.
There is a great wide world out there to occupy my attention. I do not "live" in the "Cyber World".
Icon_twisted yeah, I am "old" - - - - - and I intend to get older :o Wink Big Grin
My cell-phone is approximately the size of a credit card, and goes with me in the car "for emergency use only" - it only gets turned on when I want to use it, and certainly does NOT get used for other people to bother me! Apart from a couple of calls to my wife to let her know that I'm held up in a traffic queue and will be late - the only time it has been used was to report a traffic accident (not mine) to the Police - Farcebook? Twatter? Social Nutworking? Taking pics? You must be joking!
There's this comic strip call "Zits", about the life of a 15ish teenager and his family and friends. A few days ago he was standing with his girlfriend talking to her, when he looked down at his smartphone and exclaimed, "OMG, are you texting me while we're standing here talking to each other?".... A typical event nowadays I guess. Why talk when you can text is the mindset.... 35 We were waiting in line at Wendy's the other day and a young boy that rolled up on a skateboard, was in line ahead of us with his phone in hand of course, and when it came time to pay, he whipped out a credit card. I guess I'm out of touch with today's generation. Nope
....which begs the question , Don , who pays for all their stuff ? Smile Yeah , things have changed .

I have a cell phone that I add minutes to every 90 days to keep it active. It is for emergency and such. I carry it when I go to town in case Mama needs me. I ambulanced to the hosp one time, and it was very handy for notifying people. Thatt makes it very handy, and is about all it's used for. I think we have about 12 hours or more stored up. Thumbsup

Definitely not addicted to my cell phone, it's just another 'tool'.

The iPad on the other hand ..... I don't take it out and about, so perhaps not quite addicted, but it is my computer, my stereo, my tv, my DVD player etc all rolled into one handy package so it is always to hand at home.

It will also be invaluable when I got into hospital next month for my knee op - means I'll be able to keep up with the big blue Goldth


Addicted to my cell phone ? Nope! Baseball Mogul on the computer maybe. Icon_lol
Good Luck on the operation , Kevin ...be nice to the nurses Thumbsup

I had to go to the bank after work and it was unusually busy ...maybe 15 people in line . It was also quiet as everyone was firmly engrossed in whatever was being said on their machines . I glanced over to the area where the kids were sitting ....3 or 4 were playing the little hand held kids games .....buddiing texters ! Start 'em early !

Cell phone? No. I have a Tracfone...similar to what Lynn is talking about. I am addicted to logging in on Big Blue, however! Smile
Ralph Wrote:Cell phone? No. I have a Tracfone...similar to what Lynn is talking about. I am addicted to logging in on Big Blue, however! Smile

Don't ask me why, but I've got at least two Tracfones, one Virgin Mobile and a Sprint out in the car. Confusedhock: All of them are the "pre-pay" kind. I used to buy a new card every 90 days to keep it up for about a year, then I'd get a different one and do the same. Let's face it, they only cost around $20, and that usually includes 90 days of service with around 20 minutes of air time. After a while I realized I was paying about $100 a year for nothing since I never used the air time. Sad I have On Star in my truck and I keep that updated, but still, when it comes time to renew, I always have a bunch of minutes to roll over. I will keep that active though since I seem to be able to keep in touch from anywhere if I have to, even when we're out target shooting in the desert. In an emergency, all I need to do is to push the red cross button and they know exactly where I am, the status of the truck, and can talk to me as well... If the airbags deploy, they know instantly and that's a good thing. 8-)

The Tracfones are great, but like I said, we don't have anyone that we need to talk to while we're out... Nope
I've got one of those super-duper phones - a hand-me-down from my brother. The only thing I use it for is when I go on a road trip and may need to get in touch with someone-, such as an emergency. The rest of the time it sits on the kitchen counter. I do recharge it now & then just so the battery doesn't go belly-up.... Goldth
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