Full Version: Anyone stationed/works in Korea?
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Title explains it all. I was stationed here in 2007-2009 (US Army) and I've found "hobby shops", but they mostly sell r/c cars, gundam models, airsoft, and other shenanigans. One place did have train stuff but it was all N scale. Either way, just curious to see if anyone else on here is in Korea and if they know of any model railroading hobby stores.
I did find one model railroad exclusive hobby shop in Yongsan. When I went there it was closed due to it being Sunday, but next time I get a chance I'll have to go on a Saturday to check it out.
Whew! I lost track of this thread and in my absence of mind I forgot there was a search option. Well gents, I went there about a month or so ago. I was actually disappointed to find that it was mostly Japanese N scale stuff with a little bit of HO scale. The HO stuff they did have was uber expensive and all of the bigger locomotives offered by P2K and BLI, such as the 2-8-8-2. Not even a single Korean locomotive, nor any brass locomotives or cars. Kinda weird since this country exports those goodies to us back in the States. Also the one guy who ran the shop didn't know a lick of English, and the Korean I know is pretty useless in this context, so not much was exchanged. But from what I did understand, that was the only model railroad shop in all of Seoul.

Hopefully I'll be wrong when I get a chance to go to the Korean Railroad Museum in Uidong... fingers crossed!