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You all know that several other members here besides myself, live around Arizona, but I think the whole nation, no, the whole world has been struck by this event yesterday. Wildfires and nothing new to our state, so far this year we've had maybe ten, but some fires have burned hundreds of thousands of acres others just a few. They sometimes take homes and businesses along the way and occasionally there is a loss of life, but not of this magnitude. Our hearts and prayers go out to these 19 firefighters whose lives were lost yesterday, and to their families. There are usually hundreds of brave souls fighting these fires along with air tankers and helicopters. These men and woman all take risks beyond what a normal person would, just so the rest of us are safe.

The current fire is near the small town of Yarnell, not that far from the fire that is just about fully contained outside of Prescott. Two weeks ago we spent a few days up in Sedona. I had thought about driving up the back way through Rt. 89 which we take occasionally. That route would take us through Yarnell, through Peeples Valley, Kirkand and then up Iron Springs Rd. to Prescott. We couldn't do that since Iron Springs Rd. was closed due to the fire. Fortunately, there were no injuries there but some people did loose their homes. Now Rt.89 is closed due to this fire. Yarnell is a small town of around 700 people, they are saying that at least half the town's homes are now gone.

We need to pray for the souls of the lost firefighters and to those that lost their homes. We also need to pray for those still fighting the fires that they remain safe.

Sorry if I ramble on, but this is certainly a wake-up call since many are started by lightning strikes, but a lot of these fires are started intentionally or by carelessness. It's hard not to shed tears over what is lost, and to be angry with those that start these fires.
That is tragic....
Prayers for all lost...And those still in the front lines...
My wife Sharon and I have visited beautiful Arizona on three different occasions---my thoughts and prayers are for all those affected by this tragedy
I heard about the loss of the 19 firefighters on the news an hour ago. A tragedy indeed. All to often we take for granted the bravery of the men and women who put their lives on the line every day.

My thoughts go out to their families, and all those affected by these events.

This is heart breaking, hitting to close to home.
Our prayers go out to all the fire fighters and their families.
Tragic indeed . There is something special about first responders I think . But they put themselves squarely in the face of danger , sometimes with tragic results . I take my hat off to these people . Firefighters seem to face an even more daunting task because of the possibilities of the fire turning on them as seems to be the case in Arizona .

With difficulty , I remember a sequence of events in the 9/11 tragedy ...firefighters grimly walking into a situation that was unpredictable . In one particular film , I saw the firefighters going back to a burned out hulk of a fire truck . They would touch it ...I guess for strength ...and then resume their work . I remember breaking down and bawling my eyes out as I watched this unfold .

May we never forget the fallen 19 .

ray_m Wrote:This is heart breaking, hitting to close to home.
Our prayers go out to all the fire fighters and their families.

Yeah Ray, this does hit closer to home for you than for me with you not that far from Prescott. I was just watching the news and they were showing a procession of white vans followed by at least five fire trucks and several police and other emergency vehicles, all heading to the examiner's office. They must have come down SR89 through Wickenburg and down Grand Ave. There were people lining the sides of the road, some holding flags others were just standing in respect. A sad day for all, I feel for those still there fighting this battle. And now we have yet another major fire starting up near Kingman.
A sad day indeed. My best wishes for their family and friends.
A sad day..Very tragic..Prayer for the families of those lost brave firefighters..

Prayers for those still in harms way.
My deeply felt condolences to the death of 19 firefighters and all my sympathy to the families. My wishes are going to all those lost their houses or property by this fire storm.
It is extreme touching to loose those who go voluntary into the fire to help others.
Just one note that seems better, even though it's hard to put a good spin on things. They downgraded their estimate on homes destroyed from 250. It is now 50 homes. Still not a good number, but better than their first estimate of half the town. The latest word is that the fire has 0% containment.

Ray_M is more in the thick of things than I am. He lives in Dewey which is just a few miles outside of Prescott. I get my info from the TV and newspaper, he might have more first hand information.
I did notice that one of the firefighters ( there were 20 ) was spared because he was moving the truck . I'm sure he has a story to tell .
That's good news on the homes , Don .

We have had bad bushfires here in Australia in recent years, but none so devastating for the brave firefighters that you have lost in Arizona.
My prayers go out to you all

The fire is certainly devastating to those who lost their homes and possessions...but the tragic loss of lives so precious is worse.

To the brave hot shots who lost their lives battling this blaze, I pray for you and your families left behind.
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