Full Version: High Temps and High Gas Prices
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Well boys , the temp outside with the humidex factor is about 102 Eek Eek and gasprices are at about $6.15 Can. Gallon this morn . Thankfully I'm about 3 miles to work ....if there wasn't the highway involved , I'd ride my 10 speed bike to work ....wellll maybe not in 102 degree heat Goldth

Melting in St. Paul and gas is $3.69
Gas prices here are creeping up. Last week, gas was $3.43, I just saw one station today at $3.49. Still, not too bad. Temps on the other hand are creeping down, but with the high humidity and dew points, we're sweating more right now at 100 degrees than we were last week at 107. Wallbang
When we filled the RV last week we paid C$129.4/l, U$ 369.9 and 368.9/gal.
This morning gas was at $399.9 all over Traverse City; this afternoon most of it was down to 379.9.
I think I'll do a little " math " to figure if it's cost effective to pay the toll and go to Detroit to fill up the Olds ....tank full would last me more than a month ! Haven't been to "shoot-em-up city " in about 5 years Misngth

Sweating away in Bucyrus..94 yesterday.Gas is $3.55.
At the start of our current administration gas was $1.87 a gallon here, it's now $3.49 and they are saying the days of $3 a gallon gas are over and to get ready for $5. That gets me hotter that the weather. Curse Curse Curse
...and if you go to $5 / gal , we'll be at $8 .......it's the great ripoff up here that the "experts" can never seem to explain , or don't want to .

Gas Prices..............

Icon_twisted I respectfully refuse to answer, on the grounds that my statements may tend to "incriminate me". :o Icon_twisted

or, I could plead the "fifth"........... Wink " Where's my bottle of Scotch ??? " Big Grin Big Grin

Wink Wink If my humor sounds a bit "ripe" it's probably the heat, that caused it. Cheers
All I can say is that an awful lot of factors go into the price of gas and into the temperature of the air. And I firmly believe the goverment at any level has little control over either that would make a meaningful difference.

My strategy is to just deal with it on my own and worry about other things in life.
"Everyone talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." Smile

(Ascribed to both Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner)
Ralph Wrote:"Everyone talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." Smile

(Ascribed to both Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner)

I think the same thing applies to gas prices...

A while back we had an Attorney General that, every time gas prices would rise, would hold a news conference and announce that he was going to investigate collusion and price gouging by the oil companies. We wouldn't hear about anything he was doing, until the next price hike, and there would be yet another news conference. That probably happened a good half-dozen times while he was in office. Needless to day, prices rose and fell with the market, all without his help. Icon_lol