Full Version: Hello again and a Picture Posting Problem
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Hi all. pretty sure its been over a year since Ive posted.... Eek But between being busy for work and it being to warm in the basement where the train is in the summer... the layout hasnt had much attention. But regardless, I have managed to get a little done on it. And being on here looking at some pictures and reading some threads I kinda have the modeling bug back so hopefully I have a little more progess in the near future.

Anyway, I have a few pictures I took with my kindle. But I cant post them directly to here with the kindle. So I was hoping somebody could give me a little help figuring out how to get them onto my computer so I can upload them.
Hi Kevin,

Assuming you have Internet connection to both devices, you could just email them to yourself from the Kinde and retrieve them on the pc. I do this all the time with my iPad.

Otherwise, connect Kinde to your pc via USB, you should be able to view the Kindle file and drag to a new location (at least I can on my old Kindle.)

Hope that helps.


So I emailed them, saved and tried uploading. But the sites telling me they are too big. What do I do?
KevinKrey Wrote:So I emailed them, saved and tried uploading. But the sites telling me they are too big. What do I do?

We have a limit on photo uploads. You can do one of two things. First, you can place you pictures on a photo sharing site like Photobuckets, then link to them here. Secondly, you will need a program that you can change the size of you pictures, but in pixels and in file size. There are a number of them on the Internet for free. I use PhotoPlus, and I know they have a free download on their site, http://www.serif.com. There are others, and if you need help using any of them, just ask. What we try to do is to keep the pixel size small enough that most people can view it without scrolling. 640 x 480 or even 800 x 600 will do. On file size, you can go down as far as 150K and still have enough detail in your photo. The lower the resolution, the easier it is for some dial-up and lower bit rate members to view. If it takes too long for them to see the photo, chances or that they will just pass them by.
Thanks much, think I'll just go to photobucket. Sounds easiestSmile