Full Version: Anyone have hometown newspapers like mine ?
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Here in Windsor , Ontario , there is a regular good sized column called " The Vault " that I think one local individual manages with help from old farts who send in pictures of our fair city as it was decades ago . I really enjoy the column that now has over 55 pages of archives .....I think it is an aid for a model railroader modeling an older era , too .

Any of you guys have local media that does the same ? It sure is a refreshing read from the usual daily crap .

The Canon City Daily Record does a history section about twice a month and trots out old photos and articles focusing on the selected topic or subject. When the Royal Gorge fire was brought under control, they traced the history of the construction, and interviewed the granddaughter of the engineer who built it originally. They posted costs, materials, replacement and upgrades and costs, and finally the progress on returning the bridge to service after the fire.

Did another one on the old coal mines and coal towns with the same thorough treatment.

I love that kind of stuff. I save the articles.
No but I wish they did.
From The Vault | Windsor Star


This will give you an idea of what we have . Our city is a border town that sees a lot of cross border traffic ...bridge , tunnel , train ferries back in the day , etc .
The only thing our paper does is have a brief column about "On this Date" and mentions stories that were in the news anywhere from 10-60 years ago.

Once a week, the Guelph Mercury prints an old picture and invites people to write in. The following week they publish excerpts from the letters and another picture.
I found out from there that Stone Road wasn't a stone road at all, but named after local businessman, Mr. Stone.
....wonder if Mr Stone owns the Stone Road Mall ? Goldth

teejay Wrote:....wonder if Mr Stone owns the Stone Road Mall ? Goldth


No...that's owned by David Mall... Icon_lol
teejay Wrote:....wonder if Mr Stone owns the Stone Road Mall ? Goldth T
Not at his age and in his current condition.
But it is the same Stone Road.