Full Version: One of Life's Little Pleasures
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I think one of life's little pleasure is the acquisition of a puppy . We are doing it with some misgivings ......our beloved Pug , Darla , is 13 and in failing health ( although not failing love and spirit ) . I felt that if we waited until " that day " , my wife would say " no more dogs " without really meaning it . Dogs have been a big part of our married life and I think it should continue .

So Greta , the Springer Spaniel ( liver and white ) will join us in about 16 days when she leaves her 8 brothers and sisters ...... 2285_

[Image: 894f366c-e337-46d7-bbfe-cbd306a16b1e_zps71321e9f.jpg]

Aww How Cute!!!!

Best of Luck with both dogs!! Smile Big Grin Smile
Very cute! 2285_
What a cutie!!! I'm sure Greta will bring much joy to your home. I wish Darla comfort and easy days.
I'm not much of a dog person, even though we've had a few in the past, but it's hard not to fall in love with this one. Yeah, I think I'd take her in a heartbeat. Big Grin Big Grin
Greta looks very serious at you. She knows it will be a lot of work until you perform as she likes it Wink
"Dog man's best friend if he knows it or not".

I forgot who said that but,I fully agree.I would be lost without my dog.

Nice looking dogie.
faraway Wrote:Greta looks very serious at you. She knows it will be a lot of work until you perform as she likes it Wink

Isn't THAT the truth... Thumbsup
Actually , I'm not holding her in the pic ...the current owner snapped a few to keep us excited until Sept 15th . I'm sure Greta will be running the house in due time Misngth

That's one cute puppy!
No dogs in this house,not by choice though as neither of us are physically able to give them the care they deserve.So this house is owned by Jamie and Smokie two of the nuttiest feline furrballs you will ever meet. :mrgreen:
what an adorable face!
We brought her home early ( after 7 weeks instead of 8 ) .....Bonnie has done a good job in "pottie training " Greta , so far , ....only one minor accident to date . She goes up and down stairs , eats well , and has us trained as to her sleeping habits Nope ...sh'es up about 4 am and raring to go .