Full Version: Scratchbuilt Freighthouse
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[attachment=15403]I model a rather rural area set in 1957. At that time, there was no UPS or FedEX, and over the road trucking wasn't around yet, so the freighthouse was a very important place. Most every day items, from clothes, food products, machinery, building supplies, and most other items came into town to the freighthouse, where REA or local trucking companies would pick up and deliver these commodities.

I couldn't find any kits that interested me so into the wood box I went and scratch built this freight house which also has some interior details and is also lit.
Looks great Chet! The stacked pallets and the interior details really make it!
Love it! Who makes the Coca-Cola cooler?

Great scene.

I wish I could tell you. I probably picked it up over 20 years ago. I have so many detail parts rat holed away that have been picked up over the years I have probably forgot where they all are.
Great looking depot. Cheers
Great depot...!!!

I need one of those...With the Coca-Cola cooler and rest of details.... Thumbsup

nice work on the freight house, the interior detail and lighting are a nice touch, but the whole thing really comes together with the long loading dock and all the other details. I bet a night shot of the freight house with the interior lights on would be a neat picture. Great job Thumbsup

Here's the inside. Looks like I dripped some solder hooking up the lighting.