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Hey Les,
I answered your PM several days ago. I received a PM today from a couple of members indicating you were trying to get ahold of me, so I sent you a PM.

I checked my PMs just now, and those 2 messages are still in my "outbox", meaning they never got sent.

Meanwhile I have been PMing others with no problems. Don't know why I can't PM you.

Here is a cut and paste of the answer to your questions...

Quote:Hi Les!

Yes, Southern Maryland Oil can receive crude, and Metropolitan Fuel and Aggregate receives single and multiple loads of coal, sand, salt, gravel, coke, and the very rare but sometimes necessary load of firewood. The grades of coal received are:
Mine Run 8"+
Lump 4-5"
Egg 2"
Stove 1 1/2"
Chestnut 1"
Pea 1/2"
Buckwheat #1 3/8"
Barley 3/16"
Buckwheat #3 1/4"

Mine Run 8"+
Lump 4"
Egg 3"
Pea 2"
Nut 1"
Slack less than 1"

Any mix or match of loads will suffice. My layout is a plywood and foam tabletop but I will do my best to get good photos of what you send. I look forward to hosting a car or cars.

I am not posting my address here, so I have no idea how we are going to communicate if we can't PM.