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Could someone give us a quick run-through on what all the different "icons" on the red circles next to the thread/topic listings indicate..??
I only know that when the circle is gray it indicates that there are no new postings to that thread since I last read it... :oops:
There used to be a list somewhere - but I can't find it Sad Sad

I know that the obvious one "Locked Topic" has a black padlock...

The Sticky posts have a black star on them

Hot topics (more than a few views and/or replies) have a red star.

Hope this helps a bit.
I recall having a conversation in which we didn't really know what some of the icons meant. Smile
We did discuss it quite some time ago but we didn't know them all. Like Mikey says, in that thread, there is a short list with just a few of them ID'd. I tried to find the list yesterday but gave up. Maybe today.
Here is the thread (Looks like the photo in my first post has been replaced in my photobucket, it has nothing to do with the thread)

<!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://bigbluetrains.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=306">viewtopic.php?f=6&t=306</a><!-- l -->

and here is the post with the answers....

nolatron Wrote:[Image: topic_read.gif] = No new posts since your last visit

[Image: topic_unread.gif] = New Posts since your last visit

[Image: topic_unread_mine.gif] [Image: topic_read_mine.gif] = Means you've posted in that thread.

[Image: topic_unread_hot.gif] [Image: topic_read_hot.gif] = Hot topic (there's been at least X number of replies)

[Image: topic_moved.gif] = Topic Moved

[Image: topic_read_locked.gif] = Topic Locked

It does look like some of those may have changed since we had that conversation and the moved to a new server...
Thanks, I found this on the phpBB forum. It is a few years old, so I'll check it against what we see now and update the list if necessary.

Two general points
- Red icons are unread items, blue/gray are read
- A star on any topic means you have posted in it

[Image: announce_unread.gif] - Announcement
[Image: sticky_unread.gif] - Sticky topic
[Image: forum_read.gif] - Read topic
[Image: topic_unread.gif] - Unread topic
[Image: topic_read_mine.gif] - Read topic that you have posted in
[Image: topic_unread_mine.gif] - Unread topic that you have posted in
[Image: topic_unread_hot.gif] - Hot topic
[Image: topic_read_hot.gif] - read hot topic
[Image: topic_read_locked.gif] - Locked topic
[Image: topic_moved.gif] - Moved topic
[Image: forum_read_subforum.gif] - Forum with subforums (which have been read)
[Image: forum_unread_subforum.gif] - Forum with subforums (which are unread)
[Image: forum_link.gif] - Link forum
[Image: icon_topic_attach.gif] - Attachment
[Image: icon_topic_latest.gif] - Go to last post in the topic
[Image: icon_topic_newest.gif] - Go to last unread post in the topic
[Image: subforum_read.gif] - Subforum read
[Image: subforum_unread.gif] - Subforum unread
Don - if these are still correct, can we have this as a "sticky" please?
shortliner Wrote:Don - if these are still correct, can we have this as a "sticky" please?

Whatever I find to be current, I'll create a sticky thread in some appropriate place.
So far I have found at least two icons that have changed from this list. I need to find a link to these so we can display them all in a list. The two that I know are different are, "announcement" and "sticky".

Stay tuned, news at 10:00..... Icon_lol
Thanks for the info....Hope it helps in browsing the site... Thumbsup

My compu is acting up so my "On-Line" time is very limited... :evil:
FYI. I am putting together an updated list. It appears that the icons are somewhat different for the different style you are using and so the list will address these differences. I'll let you know when that is finished.
Thumbsup Thanks..!!
Thumbsup Thanks..!!
Just FYI, we now have a complete list of all the forum icons posted in the "Rules of the Road" forum. You can find it here

If you find one that you have a question about, or is missing or different, please post in this thread, or let one of the staff members know.