Full Version: Missing Child With Autism
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NYPD is expanding it's search for a 14 year old boy with Autism. It turns out he likes trains and his school is by the railroad yards for the Long Island and the New York & Atlantic Railroads. There's speculation that he may have boarded a train in one of these yards, either freight or passenger. Maybe we should keep our eyes and ears peeled for
him while railfanning. I know this sounds like bull hockey, but missing people often turn up in the strangest places. Here's our chance to use the internet and our forums for the greater good. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424...04762.html
Oh geeez. I hope this alert helps locate the boy soon.

We recently had a County-wide automated phone call from the Sheriffs Dept. regarding a lost elderly woman..who was found the same night thanks to the heads-up. Notifying the public can work. Certainly hope it works this time.