Full Version: Ace Plastic Repair Epoxy
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I bought some plastic repair epoxy at Ace Hardware (Ace brand) to glue some unknown type of plastic for a motor mount I was building. It's a two part epoxy that sets in about 5 minutes. In addition to being an epoxy that fills gaps, it also has a solvent that partially dissolves the plastic to create a strong bond. The epoxy sets up hard, and the bond between the pieces is very strong. I later used it to glue a metal motor to the plastic motor mount I had made, and it also created a good bond to the motor.

It's a useful product, and I think I may try it in the future when I need to glue larger plastic pieces to metal pieces where there is a larger bonding area. I haven't tried it on the derlin type plastic yet - but it may be a solution there, too. I could also see it useful in creating strong bonds when joining the walls of large plastic structures because it helps fill gaps.
Always looking for better ways of model building. I'll have to check this product out ! Thumbsup Thumbsup
It's similar (and smells similar) to that resin used to dope fiberglass cloth.
Microscale's Micro Bond also works good for gluing dissimilar & similar items together.
I've found that, when attaching things to the modules, a flexible adhesive is preferable to a hard setting one. it absorbs the shocks better, things stay where they were put, and don't become "flying destructive objects" during transport to and from shows.
Icon_twisted oh yeah, I did learn that the hard way :oops:
I have come to like Ace Hardware's Siliconized Acrylic Caulk,( the clear version, not the white ) for holding down buildings, bridges, and even trees and other scenic effects.