Full Version: Forum style selection
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We might have asked this question a long time ago, but since things have changed over the years, and my mind can only remember so much before it starts to dump old info, so I'll ask again. Icon_lol

We have four different "styles" here, our default is "TheGaugeDark", which is the white text on a blue background. This is a carryover from the original Gauge forums, and where we got our current name. Some people have difficulty reading the white letters, so we added three more styles with dark text on a light background to make it easier for these folks to read. These styles are, "TheGaugeLite", "prosilver" and "subsilver2". Each one of these is slightly different than the others.

Just to see how many people use each style, we would like you to select the style you use in this poll. If you're not sure, go to your "user control panel", select "board preferences", and you will find a line there that tells you. If there are any specific problems or gripes with any of these styles, feel free to voice them here. Mikey, Packey and myself will discuss these issues and depending on how difficult they are to implement, if we even can because of software restrictions, we will see what we can do.
I wasn't with the old Gauge , but I like this just fine ! Thumbsup

I use prosilver because of my eyes, but for crying out loud BAN YELLOW!! It's almost invisible. :evil: