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SCARM was completely free for use for more than 7 years before moving to v.1.0 Milestone earlier this year. And even now, it is 100% free to use within the limit of 100 tracks per project.

However, this tread is not for the program, but for the track plans and layouts, created with it.

Almost all plans listed above are sent to me by the users of the program and are free for review and use. Some are ready for construction and some are actually already built. You can download them in the unregistered (free) version of SCARM and then open, review in both 2D and 3D, get parts list, print, export, take 3D snapshots, simulate train running with the free Model Trains Simulator - Starter Edition and even make small modifications (using the tracks already placed on the drawing plot)

And you do not need to pay anything for that Thumbsup

Here are the first 3 projects of 2018 in the SCARM layouts & plans database:

Iskar Gorge themed HO Scale Train Layout

[Image: Iskar_Gorge_HO-scale_Train_layout_SCARM_3D_1-460.jpg]

Small N-scale Diorama

[Image: Small_N-scale_Diorama-1-460.jpg]

Compact Z-scale Layout in a Storage Trunk

[Image: Compact_Z-scale_Train_Layout_in_Storage_...-1-460.jpg]

Hope you will like them Smile

This is almost constant advertising on this forum since it was first introduced.
No, this is only a thread for track plans and layout designs made in SCARM. You can just read the descriptions and watch the pictures or just use the plans for inspiration to create your own layout without even needed to download the software or open the projects in it. But if you want, you can do it - each plan can be opened and carefully reviewed in the free version of SCARM and that does not cost anything.

See below 3 more projects, added recently to the track plans database:

The “Think Big” Layout Design of Jan in HO (1/87)

[Image: SCARM-Think_big-Marklin_HO_layout_3D-1-460.jpg]

The O-gauge Layout of Joe

[Image: Joes_O-gauge_layout_overview_1-460.jpg]

Marklin HO C-track plan 260x180cm

[Image: Marklin_C-Gleis_260x180-460.jpg]

Here are the latest additions to the Layouts & Track Plans database:

The OO Scale Layout of Dr. Jake

[Image: Dr_Jake_SCARM_OO-scale_Train_Layout_1-460.jpg]

Double Reversing Layout in N Scale

[Image: Dbl_Rev_Loops_N-scale_1-3D-460.jpg]

The HO Scale Layout of Dusty

[Image: DustyB_HO_scale_train_layout_1_20171203_181935-460.jpg]

Wish you a very nice summer Smile

Several new layouts in 4 different scales are posted to the Layouts & Track Plans database in August and September - see them below:

The New Middletown Model Railroad (N-scale)

[Image: SCARM_N-scale_Display_Layout_1-460.jpg]

Marklin HO C-track plan 250x175cm

[Image: Marklin_C-gleis_250x175_2D_SCARM_track_plan-460.jpg]

Small Z-scale Layout with Train Station & Freight Yard

[Image: Z-scale_Layout_with_Train_Station_Overview-460.jpg]

The Mobius Junction O-Gauge Train Layout

[Image: Mobius_Junction_Lionel_FasTrack-136-3D_t..._1-460.jpg]

Hope everybody will find something interesting here and will draw inspiration for his own layout Wink

See here the last 3 projects that were added to the Layouts & Track Plans database for this year:

Marklin HO C-track Layout on Two Levels (under construction)

[Image: SCARM_GP_01_36813600-460.jpg]

The N-scale Attic Layout of Lend33

[Image: SCARM_3_RR_LINES_Track_Plan_2D-460.jpg]

Lionel O-gauge 8x12 L-shaped Train Layout

[Image: Lionel_Classic_O-gauge_L-shaped_Layout-v...-1-460.jpg]

Merry Christmas Smile

The summer is here and it comes with 3 more layouts, added to the database:

Pennsylvania and Pacific Model Railroad in O-gauge

[Image: SCARM_Pennsylvania_and_Pacific_RR_Layout...32-460.jpg]

The L-shaped HO-scale Layout of Bob

[Image: SCARM_L-shaped_HO-scale_Layout_of_Bob_3D_1-460.jpg]

The N-scale Garage Layout of Justin

[Image: SCARM_Justin_Garage-Layout_Kato-Unitrack...ew-460.jpg]

Hope you will enjoy these Wink

See here 3 more layouts, added to the SCARM database in the autumn.

Østbanegården/Østerport Station in HO Scale

[Image: Tresidet-350cm-3D_SCARM_Layout_1-460.jpg]

This layout represents Østerport station in Denmark from Ep. III / Transition era, before the depot burned down in the late 60’s.  It is created by Frankie Christians, who is a Danish engine driver and has been driving trains in and out that station since 1986 Smile

New Middletown & Stony Point Model Railroad in N scale

[Image: SCARM_New_Middletown_and_Stony_Point_N-s...-1-460.jpg]

This is U-shaped display layout with double main line and modular design for easy disassembling and transportation, created and built by Dwight Sturtevant.

Northumberton Railway Layout in OO Scale

[Image: Northumberton_SCARM_Layout_View_1-460.jpg]

And this is L-shaped layout design in OO scale (same gauge as HO), featuring small train station on a main line with many tunnels and bridges. The layout is created by Clive Poole and is already under construction.

Hope you will like these and will draw inspiration for your own layouts and track plans Wink

See here another 3 projects in 3 different scales, added to the SCARM layout database in the end of the last year:

Large HO-scale Layout in Dedicated Train Room

[Image: The_HO-scale_SCARM_train_layout_of_Jims_...-1-460.jpg]

3x5 N-scale Track Plan

[Image: 3x5_N-scale_SCARM_track_plan_2D-460.jpg]

Extended Wabash Layout with Lionel O Gauge Fastracks

[Image: Modified_Lionel_O-gauge_Wabash_Layout_3D_1-460.jpg]

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