Full Version: Trainfest 2013
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Anybody else going this year?

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Wish I could but the long commute just can't be justified. I understand that Sumpter250 will be there though.

Have a great time, 2285_
Me ????, going to Trainfest ?????? Icon_twisted Icon_twisted Will this old Earth keep rotating on its axis? Will this old Earth keep traveling around the sun???
Until one of those things fails to happen, or, I've taken that trip "to the next level" Wink Wink ( no direction implied ), it is my intention to keep going to Trainfest FOREV----- OK, for as long as I possibly can.

GCLaser booth sets up tomorrow. 11/7.
Modules set up the day ( Friday ) after. 11/8
Trainfest open to the public Saturday and Sunday. 11/9-10

I will be at the GC Laser booth, the Lake County Society of Modular Engineers, layout, or wandering aimlessly around, looking for more inspiration ( OK Wink sightseeing 357 ) In any case, I will have my "Big Blue name tag" on its lanyard.