Full Version: #5 photo contest voting poll
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Well, as promised, here's the voting poll for the fifth anniversary photo contest. There weren't as may entries as we hoped for, we'll try to do a better contest is the future and give you more time to prepare; but for now, one of these folks will be drinking coffee out of a genuine Big Blue anniversary special coffee mug.

Place your votes for whichever photo you think is the best. As always, you can vote for as many entries as you wish. You can click on the name of the person to see their photo entry.

This poll will be open for twelve days, or until January 15th.

Good luck to all that have participated. Thumbsup
To be honest I've been slammed at work and with the holidays I had clean forgotten about this. 35
Good luck everyone... Love the old prototype pics.
Last day is today to put in your vote, so get it done while you still have the chance. Welcome
This poll is now closed. Congrats go to Charlie, a great win and especially since you get one of our anniversary coffee mugs. We'll be in touch....
Congrats Charlie! Thumbsup