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We had a very successful coffee mug auction a while back and we didn’t think we could top that, but we’re hoping that we have done just that. We have another anniversary mug to auction off, but this one is different, it not only has our fifth anniversary logo on it, but it has been signed by the two owner/admins of Big Blue, ngauger and ezdays. 2285_ Yeah, I know, no biggie, what’s the fuss, who really cares? Icon_lol Still, it is unique and we’re hoping that by signing this mug, we haven’t diminished its value. :o

So, as it goes, we have a “Fifth Anniversary” coffee mug to auction off with two signatures on the sides, as shown in the photos below. The signatures have been clear-coated, but it is not recommended that the mug be used as anything but a display piece since repeated use may cause the signatures to rub off. On the other hand, the winning bidder may just want it that way. 357 Yes, you can remove the signatures with rubbing alcohol if you prefer; that's your choice, we won’t be offended if you do. Nope

Here are the rules:
  1. There is no minimum bid and no reserve, the highest bidder at the time the auction closes will get the mug.
  2. Please keep your bid raises in increments of fifty cents or more.
  3. You can bid by posting it in this thread. Send a PM to either ezdays or ngauger if you have any questions.
  4. If you want to enter an anonymous bid (just like the rich and famous do), you can PM either ezdays or ngauger and we will bid on your behalf.
  5. The auction will run for three weeks and end on May 11th, at which time we will announce the winner.
  6. We will add a flat rate of $5.00 for shipping to any US or Canadian address, and calculate postage to other countries.
  7. Payment can be by PayPal, check, or MO. We will give the winner instructions on how and where to pay.

Remember, 100% of the proceeds from this auction is to help keep Big Blue running, so we are depending on you for your support and hope to give something back to you like this in return. Thumbsup

Is that signed with waterproof marker..?? :o
Steamtrains Wrote:Is that signed with waterproof marker..?? :o

It's been signed by the best Sharpie that money can buy 2285_ Waterproof... yes. Bonded to the ceramic... no, so there is a chance that it could rub off with use and/or washing. That's just speculation on my part since we didn't do any long-term testing... 357
Well............. If you want it ?.......I'm opening the bidding at $10.00...... :o

Let the "Bidding Games" begin !!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Sumpter250 Wrote:Well............. If you want it ?.......I'm opening the bidding at $10.00...... :o

Let the "Bidding Games" begin !!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

That sir, is a generous opening bid.... We've got 10 do I hear 11???? someone give me 11.... 2285_ (just practicing, I want to be ready just in case Christie's or Sotheby's gets desperate for an auctioneer) :o
Lest you might have forgotten, we have this auction and one bid. I'm sure you intend to bid later on, but I don't want you to lose out on what some might consider a once in a lifetime opportunity. Well, there are those that might think someone just added graffiti to a coffee mug and they may be right, Confusedhock: but still, let's get this auction going.

:hey: We have $10, we're looking for fifteen, anyone with fifteen????? Let's go for twelve, anyone want to bid????? 2285_ 2285_
I didn't want to step on any toes here, but to do that I guess I have to jump pretty far 11 bucks from east Ohio
$15 from North Carolina! Eek
Thank you both for bidding, we now have an auction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can't stop there though, let's hear it, we have fifteen, do I hear twenty, anyone, twenty... jabber, jabber, jabber, twenty anyone, biddy-biddy-butty, twenty.... (I've been watching some of the TV auction shows) 35 35
Twenty from the Ohio guy.
Black Jack!!! 21 from the Big Apple (and the center of finance). Icon_lol
Way to go folks.... We're doing a lot better now, let's keep it up... Thumbsup Thumbsup
Wow!!! Cheers Cheers Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup

Thanks for all the bids everyone!

It's great to see so much participation.. Worship
Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup This ! is what I was hoping for !! lots of bids !! 357 Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

To quote Tom Lehrer's little ditty: " More, More, I'm still not satisfied " Icon_twisted

Remember, it pays the "cost" of keeping this board, up and running. Wink Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
Can/will someone top my $22 bid?
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