Full Version: RUCE Box1
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The On30 Reading & Union City Eastern railroad needed a small locomotive to service a new customer.Since no loco manufacturer is making modern day narrow gauge locomotives the RUCE shop crew built their own.Loco is 10'2" long by 7' wide.Power is one motor/truck assembly from a older Bachmann HO 70 ton switcher.Pulling power as she sets has not been tested yet though she pushed a 40' boxcar around with no help last Saturday.She has been reballasted since then but will not be tested till Thursday evening.This project is far from done ,but she is going to work anyway. Eek

[Image: rucebox1.jpg]
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Testing,testing,testing.First test run pulling three properly weighted On30 flatcars with ease. :mrgreen:

[Image: rucebox2.jpg]
Here's two pics of today's progress.There is still a lot to do.I will most likely change the colour.

[Image: rucebox3.jpg]

[Image: rucebox4.jpg]