Full Version: NCE Power Cab cable
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My power cab came with 2 cables to plug into the throttle, a very long straight one and a shorter coiled one (like a phone cord). I want to use the coiled one because the straight one is much longer than I need but when I plug it in the trains don't respond with it. Is there something wrong with it or is it not meant to be used for the main throttle? Where can I get a coiled one that works with the power cab?
Check to see if the cable wires are in the same configuration in both cables...Sounds to me like they may be flipped in the plugs...
I am not sure why my original post did not go through, but you have to use the flat cable for the Power-cab. The coiled cable is for adding a second throttle. Double check the diagram in the manual, but I believe you need to use the left port for the Power-cab.

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Chuck Wrote:but I believe you need to use the left port for the Power-cab.


Yes you're right, I need to use the left port and the coiled cord doesn't work in that port. Is there a coiled cord that would work in the left port I could purchase?
Good question about a coiled cable -- If you went to an electronics store with the flat cable they may be able to get you a coiled cable with the same wiring set-up as the flat one. The wiring has to be identical. Check the NCE Yahoo user group and see if this has come up before. It is a great group and there is a wealth of information top be found. They could answer your questions with certainty.

You HAVE to use the flat cable because it has 6 wires for the control station part of Power Cab As has been said the coil cord (4 wire) can only be used for a 2nd NCE throttle. NCE will make your Power Cab to work as a radio cab but then your need all the extra radio parts to make it all work. A few years back it cost me around $160.00 to go radio.