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One of the other fora I visit <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/">http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/</a><!-- m --> has a set of clickable comments that include Thanks, Agree, Funny, Like, Informative, Useful, Clever, Craftsmanship (Disagree was recently deleted) that allow appreciation without cluttering the thread with short posts.

There was a smilie I wanted to use but I forget what, now. Maybe it was OOPS!
Oops and sigh are good ones to add as well. As far as the comments to get rid of them, well that is why we need a thumbs down smiley! Icon_lol
Aw Mike, you wouldn't thumbs down something I wrote would ya? I'm a sensitive fella! Big Grin
Icon_twisted Ralph, I think that might have something to do with, which smilie you chose when you wrote it. Wink Wink Big Grin
Ralph Wrote:Aw Mike, you wouldn't thumbs down something I wrote would ya? I'm a sensitive fella! Big Grin

He wouldn't Nope . Diplomacy always among friends. Thumbsup You have to remember, smilies are not only used in a reply to another post, but in original posts as well. If I'm not happy about something I did, or bought I might just use the "thumbs down" smiley, or maybe this Crazy . If someone asked for an opinion that could be a response, but never as criticism, not on Big Blue anyway.... Nope
But :wait: there Eek are Goldth people Crazy who Misngth use Nope a Popcornbeer smilie Thumbsup after Applause almost Big Grin EVERY :? word 8-) ...I 357 hate :evil: when Confusedhock: that :mrgreen: happens :geek:
:hey: 219 2285_ 24 35 Icon_lol 790_smiley_picking_a_fight Welcome Cheers Cheers Shoot Curse :wait: Eek Goldth Misngth Crazy Nope Popcornbeer Thumbsup Applause Big Grin Smile Wink Sad :o Confusedhock: :? 8-) 357 :x Tongue :oops: :cry: :evil: Icon_twisted Icon_lol :!: :?: Icon_idea :| :mrgreen: :geek: :ugeek: Wallbang Worship 548 Waveof7 :band2&quot; Dancing train :peasoup: Confusedtooges: :race: 2296_ 2285_ Rowof6 :angel: 1990_dancing

This post is for those that want to get rid of our beloved smilies! Nope
What is this symbol all about? :band2&quot; It looks like an old record player to me with a crowd of music fans?

I do not like smilies in motion. They are disturbing while reading.
Its a DJ entertaining a party. I suppose you could use it to convey "Celebrate!"
It could be used after a divorce .....just sayin' . Eek
teejay Wrote:It could be used after a divorce .....just sayin' . Eek
Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
smile and the world smiles with you Thumbsup

I think that if there isn't a need to get rid of them, then you shouldn't.

Don't fix what isn't broken.

That said, some of the less relevant and more specialized ones are probably unnecessary. Pretty much everything that comes up when I normally post is fine. All the stuff that I can only see when I click "view more smilies" is probably extraneous and can be removed (except maybe the train one).
I don't use them often, but I do like them. I'd like to see a few more Railroad themed ones though. There's a smiley with a Welcome sign, how about one that proclaims 'all aboard' , for example..
Ralph Wrote:Aw Mike, you wouldn't thumbs down something I wrote would ya? I'm a sensitive fella! Big Grin

Ralph I wouldn't use it to be mean towards anyone. We have the thumbs down over at RR-Line and it's used most when someone asks for opinions on a project or idea. You can give a quick thumbs up or down on it and so far it hasn't caused any hard feelings. It's also been used when somebody posts a really corny joke is an other example I can think of.
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