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Just in case anyone is interested, here's some photos of the work I'm doing to get my train room finished.
Man, I hope I re-wired this right!
one set of lights mounted, waiting to be hooked up
[quote="sgtcarl1"]Just in case anyone is interested, here's some photos of the work I'm doing to get my train room finished.
Man, I hope I re-wired this right!

Well it will work if you did it right. If not it will either go BANG when you turn it on or nothing will happen! It looks right in the pictures. The only thing I can't tell from the pics is were your ground wires is hooked up at. It looks like the gold colored contacts which should have the black wire hooked up are on the side facing the camera. The silver contacts are on the other side and that looks like it is where you hooked up the white (neutral wire).
I'm no electrician, but I admire people who work with wires. Hope it works!
Looks good to me Eek . I am a disabled truck driver for what its worth.
What are you planning on putting into those sockets..?? I hope it's not incadescent bulbs.....You'll be frying in no time FLAT...!!!
Thanks for the comments, guys! The building came pre-wired, but only to the extent that the GFI outlets, and light switches were installed. Oh, and an outlet near the floor under my "light bar." Yes, there will be incandescent lights, but they will be of the vanity bulb type, and not over 40 watts. I'm putting them on a rotary dimmer switch. I did the same thing in our closet, and it works fine.
Yeah, they do put out some heat, though. Icon_lol
It is probably in another thread, but how big is the layout. That set of lights looks like a lot of light concentrated in one spot. If you repeat that throughout the layout room for a fairly large railroad, it will get really warm in there. If that is all of your light and the layout is fairly large, you may have dark areas. If it is a small layout, you may find you have a lot more light than you need for it. Of course if you have to much concentrated light, the easy solution is to just leave a few bulbs out of the sockets.
As of right now, my layout will be 24' x 32" approx. I have two over head lights at each end. They are in the peak of the roof, and are the ones the building came with. I will probably use floodlights in them. As for the light bar, that isn't the only light I'll have to illuminate the layout. I have four more of the same type fixture, but with only four bulbs each. These lights will be contolled by a rotary, (dimmer,) swich.
I may just use two of them. the larger light bar is centered in the middle of the length of the room/layout. The other two, (or four,) will be centered on the remaining wall space. But first, I have to run a major power line from my basement circuit breakers to a master switch on my building. It will have to be strung under the deck. Eek Wallbang
Hello Carl, (hope that's right)

I have several CFL floodlights. They look like regular floods, fully encased with the built in reflector but cost more. Very bright but little heat.

They take a few moments to come up to full brightness and there isn't much energy savings as they are 60 watt too. Also you can't dim them but they could be switched for a similar effect. You will appreciate them fully on a hot summer evening.

The biggest advantage of these CFL's for me is that I haven't had to replace any in the last 6 years. Haha not the cost the inconvenience.

Well at least your doing the layout the right way, taking care of liting and recepticles first. 35