Full Version: Some of my N scale loco projects
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The Grande Valley Railway became a reality in 1980 based out of the old Grand Rapids & Indiana yard in Grand Rapids Michigan.Since there have been a fair number of predecessor railroads in this yard GVR management decided to do some Heritage scheme locos.They will consist of a variety of different units to honor the predecessor railroads that used this yard to conduct railroad business in the West Michigan.First tailroad up is of course the GR & I which was long gone by dieseldom (but I ain't doing steam).Since I already owned several of these locos I would like to introduce Grand Rapis & Indiana 1980 a SD-9 rebuilt to SD38-3 specs.

[Image: GR-n-I_1980.jpg]
While I am working on SD-9s I thought I would do some for the GVR.THis is one of a set of twins.The other unit is not done yet and will not be done till after my cataract surgery. (first one is next week)

If I am lucky (fat chance Nope ) I have enough paint for two more locos.Bummer part is Krylon is no longer making this paint. Sad Anyway this is SD9-m (SD38-3 rebuild) GVR 1535.I should mention all three of these locos are on SD35 chassis and have Digitrax decoders.Not to happy with the GVR decals but they will be 10 years old this August so I guess they have the right to be wrinkly. Big Grin

[Image: GVR-1535_2.jpg]
Good looking motive power Catt! Thumbsup
Thanks Mike, I wish I'd had my act together when I bought that Krylon candy blue cause I would have bought at least four cans of it.They no longer make it and it has been off the shelf for at least three years.
I bought this little beauty last Friday for two reasons.One you can see is that it is complete there's nothing missing.Two was because I still had a pilot conversion kit by MTL for the CW40-8. So I bring her home,on Saturday I tear open the pilot kit package and discover that it does not fit the CW.No big deal I say to my self it must be for the C40-8.WRONG! it does not fit that one either. Wallbang So anyway I still needed couplers so I built mounting pads for both ends and used a 1015 for the rear. 1015 is to long for the front it interferes with the truck swing so I tried the Z scale 905.Works like a charm and looks good to boot.Now the plan is to use a 905 for the rear too. :mrgreen:

[Image: SF-Dash840CW-f.jpg]

[Image: SF-Dash840CW-r.jpg]

It is very likely that the next time I post a pic of this beauty she will be wearing a coat of burgundy and a GVR logo on the long hood.
Yeah I would get rid of that paint job ASAP. If ever there was a paint job that has been done to death it's the war bonnet. Growing up on the East coast I never saw a paint job like that on a "real loco" and seeing every cheap toy like train set featuring that paint job I always thought it was a Tyco logo! Icon_lol
Santa Fe "was" the most popular railroad for model companies for many many years.Sort of like the F-7s.There were and still are many F units being made.A lot of newbies still think that the F units are modern locos. Nope

I like the war bonnet scheme myself but there just aren't any around in Michigan so I have no reason to model one.My paint scheme choices are down to two railroads my own Grande Valley Railway or CSX ,but I think GVR will win this one. :mrgreen: