Full Version: Grande Valley Railway in N version 4.0
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Ok, fresh start for the Grande Valley in the "N"ormal scale.Here to start is a rather crude drawing of the layout in it's current state.The top of the drawing and both left and right sides are shelves attached to the walls.

The bottom is a currently un supported bridge that spans the room with it's only support at both ends (I will be adding legs for support but the is a duck under so the plan is to deside the best place for the legs and still allow access to the inside.

Vital statistics are 10'6" wide by 8'10" deep (doorway to enter room is about 1 inch from the lower lefthand corner of the layout).Height of the layout is 48" to the top of the layout deck.Three slelves are 18" wide fourth on the right is 18" at the top of the drawing widening out to 24".The 24" width is for a large grain elevator farm implement sales and service that will be close to 48" long with a 5 track grain car yard.

[Image: GVR_4.0-1.jpg]

This layout will be both DC and DCC thanks to a high quality double pole double throw,center off toggle switch.
These two pics are of the only remaining scenic areas from the old GVR 3.5.They will be modified but what you see will remain.

[Image: old_1.jpg]

[Image: old_2.jpg]
In that first picture you need huge fields of grain between the track and the hill for that huge grain elevator you got!
Unfortunately the farms will be "off site" as there is no room for them.The CEO's CEO wants houses and kids in that area.There is a lot of 3.5 that will not make it to 4.0. Sad
.I got the trackage down Mainstreet about as straight as it is going to get.The recycled road bed makes the track look a bit crooked. Green building on the lower left is Barb's Bagels.

[Image: Mainstreet_1.jpg]

Mainline and yard lead.The yard lead starts on the west side of the river and crosses the river on a two track truss (KATO) bridge.

[Image: Mainline_Yardlead_1.jpg]

I need to clean some more junk off the layout and take some more pictures :mrgreen:
Two of the companies on the Grande Valley Railway are Kellett Transfer and storage ,and Fowler's Fine Furniture.

Kellett's is scratchbuilt and Fowler's is kit bashed over about a 15 year period from two Walther's kits Geo.Robert's Printing and Varieity Printing.(actually two versions of the same kit)

[Image: Kellett-n-Fowler_1.jpg]
Bought and cut the Masonite for the fashia yesterday.Now I just need to clamp it in place and mark for cutting out for the river and duck under then trim it out and install it.I got enough 6" wide strips to do both this layout and the Z layout once I get that set up. :mrgreen:
I'll never figure out how you work on multiple layouts in multiple scales at the same time and don't go Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy
Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy Crazy
I like a challenge. :mrgreen:
Got this much of the new fashia done so far.I have about 34" to do yet then it's black paint time.Plus some BS brown paint to cover the pink plains.smile emoticon
I need to build some legs to go either side of the notch to help keep this part level.With out the junk you see under the layout there is a noticeable sag when I place the 4' level on the top edge.

[Image: GVR-Layout_4.0-a.jpg]
That is an unusual layout. I thought the track plan was a first draft plan only but you are really not a "switcher". I can see you sitting comfortable in the center enjoying the train running smoothly through the scenery. N scale (or even Z scale) is the prefect choice for that kind of layout.
It's been a long time since anyone considered N scale a "runner's" scale. The locos run silky smooth and switching is as problem free as any other scale.
The N layout will have some switching but that is not it's only reason to exist.This layout and the Z (which will also have some switching ) are more for my modeling pleasure.Therewill vbe a 10' x10'6" x 5' HO switching layout forwhen I am in the mood to do that.

Now back to our regularly scheduled layout thread. I have finished the front fashia and painted it.It may get aecond coat of paint but that is not a priority.I still need to complete the inner fashia and get it painted.

[Image: GVR-Layout_4.0-b.jpg]
We got legs :mrgreen: Need to fill a few holes then splash on some black paint.

[Image: GVR-Layout_4.0-c.jpg]
All of the fashia is installed.I decided to cove a couple corners to gain just a bit more real estate.I have two seams to fill and sand but right now sleep sounds like more fun.
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