Full Version: American Recovery Bill to be signed Tuesday night in Denver
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Excerpt from bill online at :
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It's 4 parts and about 1000 pages long if you want to go read it Big Grin

Amtrak: $1.3 billion to improve the speed and capacity of intercity passenger rail service. The Department of Transportation’s Inspector General estimates the North East Corridor alone has a backlog of over $10 billion.

High Speed Rail and Intercity Passenger Rail Grants: $8 billion to advance the development of high speed rail and to improve the intercity passenger rail service in corridors across the nation. The States for Passenger Rail Coalition estimates that there are over $1.5 billion in projects that are ready-to-go.

Airport Improvement Grants: $1.1 billion for airport improvement projects that will improve safety and reduce congestion. An estimated $49.7 billion in eligible airport infrastructure projects are needed between 2009-2013.

Transportation Security Administration Explosive Detection Systems: $1 billion to install Aviation Explosive Detection Systems and checkpoint screening systems in the nation’s airports, improving security, and making life easier on travelers by speeding security lines. Funds are competitively awarded based on security risk.

Border and Ports of Entry: $720 million to construct GSA and Customs and Border Protection land ports of entry to improve border security, make trade and travel easier and reduce wait times.

Coast Guard: $240 million to rehabilitate and repair Coast Guard infrastructure and obstacles to navigation.
cool,i hope it works as well as it is planned to Thumbsup ,but atleast the gov. is looking at rail again. there already talking about restarting cincinnatis "lost" subway wich was a project started in the 20's for a subway but was abandoned in the 30's Nope .but i truly think (and this isnt just the railfan speaking) that the railroads ,if enough money is used to improve track CAN save this country.we could take cars off the road,improve intercity traffic flow,cut transportation and shipping costs and finally be competitive with airlines in cross country travel,spurring hundreds of thousands,if not millions of jobs.all the while giving us railfans alot of new stuff to photograph 35 .but,did it say how much is going to alternative energy? i know we have enough land,crops,sunlight and wind to make the U.S completley energy self sufficient.--josh
i slao forgot to add on a side note,the local AK steel plant has reopened either a forge shop or a mill in anticipation of the gov. program to use american steel only and it has given back something like 1,200 jobs 2296_ but AK is rumored to be expanding more,even adding another coke plant Thumbsup woohoo,i lovede that place,it was soooo cool on my trip there and thought everyone should know,that the plans starting to work already Thumbsup --josh

Clean, Efficient, American Energy: To put people back to work today and reduce our dependence on foreign oil tomorrow, we will strengthen efforts directed at doubling renewable energy production and renovate public buildings to make them more energy efficient.

• Over $30 billion to transform the nation’s energy transmission, distribution, and production systems by allowing for a smarter and better grid and focusing investment in renewable technology.

• $5 billion to weatherize modest-income homes.
On behalf of those of us who live in the area and whose attempts to go about their legitimate business will be hopelessly fouled up by the Obama Pork Parade - why don't you invite him to your city, instead?

As for money going into railroads - by which you mean AMTRAK and only AMTRAK - I would rather see the government resume paying for the destruction of the Mustard Gas and other lethal chemical agents now far behind schedule at the Pueblo Depot.

AMTRAK is just another business - either run it right or go out of business like everyone else has to. If it needs or accepts Pork Package funding, it isn't being run right.
I think you better close this thread before I and a lot of other folks voice our political views on NObama.....
A hearty AMEN!!!
Since some members here enjoy posting thier own political views, and this is suppose to be a Railroad and Model railroad forum, I found just the place where you can post your disagreements on what the United States government is doing.
This is an international forum, members here living in other countries have their own government problems to deal with and don't want to hear about ours.
You can post on this forum until you're all blue in the fingers!
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scubadude Wrote:I think you better close this thread before I and a lot of other folks voice our political views on NObama.....

Well, we had a recent thread with some religious content and now I guess its time for politics. We didn't close the thread that had some potential for conflict over religion and evolution because everyone kept a cool head and remembered to be respectful of each other. If we all do the same here the thread can run its course. Thumbsup

Aaaargh! But I have this 12 page dissertation on Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the real skinny and lowdown on his reasons to get the Governor General to prorogue Parliament.

and I so wanted to share.
ill just say that i wasnt really saying anything discerning obama himself,just the railroad porti n and my local AK steel improvements by the usage of american steel.im sorry if i started anything by making a comment that was not directed at anyone,just the fact that i like to hear that my local steel plant could be back together like it was 50yrs ago and my home town will possibly get back its subway.nothing more nothing less.sorry for starting anything.--josh
Well myself being Canadian and being on a border City and really not seeming to be hit economocally as many other areas I'm hoping that the passing of the bill speeds up the recovery and many that lost there homes on the US side can get back to work.On another note with the Prez coming to Canada in the next little while I hope they work out the issue with the Buy American part of the bill although from what the government has been saying here is it has already been worked out and it is aimed more at the overseas steel dumping just like the old days when it happened back then as well.
The C&HV is eagerly waiting for the simulus check.. 2285_ Goodness knows I need the cash so I can put it back in the ecomony by buying more N Scale.. Thumbsup
Brakie Wrote:The C&HV is eagerly waiting for the simulus check.. 2285_ Goodness knows I need the cash so I can put it back in the ecomony by buying more N Scale.. Thumbsup
If you really want to help the economy switch over to HO and seeing as its twice the scale it should help out the economy twice as much. Icon_lol
Quote:I found just the place where you can post your disagreements on what the United States government is doing.

We don't need no stinkin' forum! WE, need to post our disagreements in the form of Emails to our representatives!
We, here in the good ole U.S.A. each have two senators, and a congressional rep. for the district we live in. They can be emailed....regularly, and constantly, with any concerns we have about how our government is running. I have already sent President Obama, an email asking him to cut all ties with the Chicago machine politicians. Hey!, I have enough problems with Illinois politics, it looks now like one of my Senators may end up "out of a job", because of discrepancies in his testimony at the governor's ( who, by the way, appointed said Senator ) impeachment hearings.
We, each have state governments, county governments, city/village/town governments, that need to hear our wrath. So, if you want to post political opinions, that might possibly bring about change, post them to your Representatives, and then you can post the responses/changes here.
"Freedom requires eternal vigilance", does not mean specifically "military". Fact of the matter is, the "vigilance" is that of the people, and the watched, is government.
We have the right to express opinion. We also have the responsibility to remain civil to each other while doing it. Let's keep that in mind, while we "have fun with this". Let's also not lose sight of the fact that the bills the President signs, are created by Senators and Congressmen.......yours, and mine!
I'm all for a "Kosher Congress".................no p o r k!
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