Full Version: Happy B-day e-paw!!
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Happy B-day e-paw (35)!!

And many More!!!! Big Grin

548 548 548
1990_dancing 1990_dancing 1990_dancing
:o OOOOOOh ! Congrats on another year e-paw !!!! Cheers Hopefully many more and better to come !!! (I have some spare candles - if you need some ?) Bob
548 e-paw. Many more. Sunny and warm. Suppsoe to turn cold. :cry: Bet we had an inch of rain. Things to do today. Got to get breakfast going. Got interrrupted with call from House of Rep. member talking about highway and stimulas package. HAve a great day.
Thanks to all. I'm coming to grips with 35 :cry: I woke up with a stiff neck and a throbbing ankle. I fell old :|
Hey e-paw

Hope you had a great day! Thumbsup

Don't stress I'm 22 and I sometimes get a stiff neck- need to change my mattress I guess. Misngth