Full Version: Coal Creek Division
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After some time of trial and error and changes of layout designs between ho and n I saw a story in model railroader mag about an ho 4x8 featuring PC. Well I dusted off an old layout that had nothing on it and wanted to model something close to it. So I started this 3 days ago and dubbed it the Conrails Coal Creek Division, fictional or not im not sure but the name came from a small creek that im fixing to model on the layout. From the pics you see I have some work done I still need to buy more track and do the yard, engine/rip tracks and the top part of the mountain part. Stay tuned as I progress Thumbsup
Well it certainly looks like you are off to a good start.Keep us posted on your progress.
Interesting...I live a few miles from the real Coal Creek, Colorado, which has Oak Creek running nearby. Thumbsup
Can do lol I have made some progress in the last two days and once I get a few min I'll post pics to this post. Weird as it may be I just came up with name just because of the creek lol. Ok I said id post pics and here they are 219
Thumbsup Good to see you getting started!