Full Version: no time no space no money try an iphone micro layout
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When you are starved of space, money and time or if you want to do in a different manner, try a micro layout on a n Iphone case.

In paralell to my layout sidi fontana, I want to explore another scale and another way to do. The layout is at n scale.

In the past I have done also a pizza layout but at gn15 scale.

[Image: IMG_4842.jpg]

The Iphone case is from M. Kobayashi, the locomotive is a japaneese one (7 tons) from TGW.

I will add a building as the backdrop, I will do snow and the layout will be located in Japan.
Sorry, I couldn't answer your phone call while the locomotive was running Icon_lol
And I have to avoid to put my dirty fingers on the case and on the tracks Popcornbeer
What ,no scenery ? Goldth
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Just dont set your phone to vibrate or you may have to call the dispatcher to report a derailment.

Any progress on this one?
If you plant big stands of bamboo, you can keep you track mostly hidden.