Full Version: New ATLAS track coming
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ATLAS has announced that they will be producing code 55 flex track in Z scale.There are plans for some other Z stuff too but nothing is confirmed yet. I know one guy that is looking forward to it. Thumbsup Applause Thumbsup
Good news for those doing Nn3 or 20" mine trains in HO. Cheers
I'm holding out for T scale flex track so I can do Nn15!
It would not surprise me to see T scale flex track some time this year.Some totally useless info for N scalers though is that T gauge track scales out to Zn3. Thumbsup Big Grin
Tyson Rayles Wrote:I'm holding out for T scale flex track so I can do Nn15!

If Nn3 is N- SCALE with Z-SCALE Mechanisms and Track T-SCALE Track Nn15... wouldn't that be Nn2 ?

ATLAS has announced left and right #6 turnouts plus a 19 degree cross over for Z scale.

By the way Z scale track is used for Nn3. Zn3 uses T scale track Tn3 is called a monorail. Nope Big Grin
ATLAS has posted pictures of left and right hand turnouts and a # 19 degree crossing to their line of Z scale track . I have a feeling that ATLAS is going to get a lot of my SS this year :-) Thumbsup Applause Thumbsup
Catt quit playing around with those wrong scales and get back on your normal scale layout! Icon_lol