Full Version: Air Brush,to those of us who don't have one
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Over the last 10 years I have purchased those cheap $40 or even $20 so called air brushes. All of them have been thrown away in short order when I couldn't handle it any more. They were not much more than a fancy spray can. I am sure I am not alone in this. Well my wife got me a real one for Christmas. I have been moving slowly in the process of using it since Christmas. I now have succeeded at it . Not the fancy artwork but simple painting. I love it, the control is fantastic. It is smooth and even. Did I mention the control ? I am excited and wanting to try more with it. All I have done so far other than the lessons I found on the internet is prime a project. Man did I mention the control ? As I said this is a real one and not cheap it is a Badger 155. Now I am no expert at this stuff but I would recommend this model to anyone. But at a minimum make sure you get a real one with double action. Did I mention the control ?
That is the same one I have! I haven't been able to try mine out yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing your experience it. Thumbsup
So, how good is the control? train

FiatFan Wrote:So, how good is the control? train
The control is fantastic

Tetters don't get in a hurry. I think cleaning is #1. I am using Badger Air-opaque ready to use cleaner 7-100 to clean it. I also am using acrylic paints (water base). This is a web site that has been very helpful I suggest checking it out <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.howtoairbrush.com/default.htm">http://www.howtoairbrush.com/default.htm</a><!-- m --> and do the lessons in the book that comes with the airbrush. Take your time. I hope you find that it is an amazing tool as I have.
Single or double action?
Lester Perry Wrote:But at a minimum make sure you get a real one with double action. Did I mention the control ?
It better be good, I use to make the Nylon parts for Badger Icon_lol

Yeah and Les, acrylics are the way to go, you should try out the Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint as well (bigger bottles, a lot cheaper)

If you try enamels you might have to dilute it with thinner, and it will dirty up the brush more
I am going to stay with acrylics until I see a real reason to go to enamel. Just for the ease in clean up. I will have to look for the Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint.
It's primarily found at Micheals, and real cheap compared to testors/tamaya etc.
agree with you a better grade airbrush makes all the difference i have a older model paasche that don't like acrylic painttoo thick for it , have a single action paasche that works well with acrylic paint though, also have several cheaper ones that i use for weathering and scenic work.