Full Version: E-paw's Get off yer duff Challenge - Part I
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Well Doc you will get your wish soon. Here she is as she stands now. The last of the details have been added, just waiting for the glue to set completely so she can be washed in prep for painting.[attachment=26995]

In this pic the cab interior has been added. If you're after a prototypical camel back interior, pics of them are hard to come by, I did leave a bunch of things out because they interfered with removing the cab for painting, placement of the engineer ,or just plainly could not be seen. Also in this pic are a few steps that I added to the side of the boiler, handrails, a lagging clamp, and an extra step under the running board.

In this front view I added a grab at the lower part of the smoke box front with a step off to the left. the steps under the walkways are also visible.[attachment=26992]

As for the brakeman's side, the handrails and the firehose compartment have been added.

I blew up this pic to try to show how I mounted the walkway steps. The arrow points to a pin of brass wire that passes through the step and walkway and held in place with CA. This gives a much stronger bond than just gluing the step in place.
I did not like the heft of the wire of the electrical connection to the tender. It also interfered with the free movement of the tender in turns. I used the same clip and just soldered new wire in it's place. I was trying to get the look of air lines running between the engine and tender, and I feel it looks much better.

In the next two pics I show how I fabricated a new draw bar. Styrene was cut and laminated together, drilled and cut to length to form the actual draw bar. It was mounted by a 2-56 screw to the engine frame with washers and a brass sleeve over the threads. I bent a hanger from brass to help support it. I did manage to emboss a few rivets into it, but they had to be the smallest ones my riveter could do and are barely visible. On the tender side, a brass pin was inserted into the frame and pads glued into places to keep the drawbar from catching onto anything as it moves through curves.


Inside the brakeman's side of the cab I added a seat box to keep him comfortable. The other under cab details are also visible here.

I tried to show the walkway steps a little better here as there black color gets lost in the shadows.

Hopefully I can get a coat of black on her tomorrow or Wednesday as the weather is supposed to be unseasonably mild. This time of year in north east PA it can be 50 degrease one day and 10 the next. You can have any combination of rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun, clouds, or wind at any moment. As I do all my painting out side, I am at the mercy of the weather and when I get home from work to get this part of project done.
This little 0-6-0 is now dressed in black. Just a quick handheld shot after three coals of black.

I managed to get a bit more painting in today.

The unlagged portions of the boiler were painted with a mix of silver, grimy black, rust, and roof brown. This new mixture is used to simulate the oil and graphite mix painted over the unlagged boiler sections, in the real world, paint would just burn off these parts from the heat. The fireman's shelter was painted roof brown as with all Anna lines steamers.[attachment=27016]



Normally I just leave the inside of the cab black, but with the open cab door I felt it necessary to paint the cab interior. I mixed up a medium green color that looked right for the job. In these shots it's still wet, when dry it will need a second coat. The center cabs roof also got a coat of roof brown to match the shelter.


I did some detail painting yesterday. The cab got a treatment of color on the gauges and knobs. I did try to make the gauges look like they had some kind of markings on them.[attachment=27024]

The cab was also replaced and is now ready for decals.[attachment=27023]


A front and back view.[attachment=27021]


With one photo shy off 100 pics in this thread no one can every say that it is not well documented.
e-paw Wrote:...With one photo shy off 100 pics in this thread no one can every say that it is not well documented.

Every picture tells a story, don't it? (With apologies to Rod Stewart.)

I like this way this one is coming out! Applause Applause Applause

The outcome is a great camelback engine. I am impressed and that model would be a reason to think about a steam area layout for me Thumbsup
The last photos of the unpainted model emphasized more on the details. A bit of dry brush might be helpful to show all the fine details again.
Thank you gents. I have been trying to work on my photography skills. I just don't always have time to re-shoot and load out of focus pics, they always look good on the little screen on the back of the camera :? .

As for dry brushing, I normally do that after I do the lettering , when it's time for weathering.
Great workhorse and really great and skillfully made Worship Thumbsup Applause

Cheers Lutz
I finished up the brush work and decals, now she's fresh from the paint booth after a spray of dull coat. In a day or two I can start the weathering.




That looks great, Steve! I really like that 3/4 view of the front...very nice! Applause Applause Applause Applause

Well work and mother nature are doing the best they can to keep me from finishing this model. I just need one day above freezing, and without rain so that I can do the weathering with an air brush. Icon_twisted :evil: Icon_twisted . As I type this we are in the mists of a blizzard with around 12 to 18 inches of snow on the ground, and plenty more to come. But, I was able to work on some of the details that will be added after the weathering.

we have the train crew, some wooden coal boards, canvas tarp, and coal hook.
Steve, I am always impressed with your builds. You are truly a craftsman in my opinion. Worship Worship Worship

Steve... Great work!!
Thanks for the comments gents...
This last weekend gave me a few hour window to break out the airbrush and get some weathering done Applause Applause Applause Applause .
So today I stuck the 0-6 on the Layout and placed her in front of another near completed project, The R Simon Silk Co. in Easton PA for a photo shoot.





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