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I've got two items to work on that will be placed near each other on my layout .

1. I was not happy with a scratch built structure I made , so picked up a damaged laser kit structure at the used-models hobby shop in our area . It has laser cut parts but is warped as someone tried to assemble it . There are details missing ...doors , windows , but the price was right ( cheap Misngth ) and I think I can bring it around .

2 .The second is the construction of a flat car that will carry my partly completed Tichy steam shovel . ....looks like this picture came up first Crazy .

Anyhow , I think this is doable and plan to finish both for the challenge .

I've been working on the building . It wasn't a kit per se , but someones effort on a laser cut plan .....only missing a lot of pieces . The warp that I saw turned out to be a compound warp in two directions but with a lot of clamping and gluing I've managed to get it pretty straight .

I'm not sure on the roof , I can have it flat on both the 2 story and 1 story areas , peaked on both areas , or peaked on one , flat on the other . Parts are missing no matter what I do . Suggestions ??

My battery was running low , so the pics aren't the best ...that's my story and I'm sticking to it ! Goldth
This is just a test -fit at this point ....building some mountains in the back out of blue foam , base colour is on the rocks but needs a lot more detailing . The building fits the are pretty well and that's all the picture was for .
added roof

teejay Wrote:I'm not sure on the roof ...................................... Suggestions ??

Probably too late now but I think that the flat roof looks better, a good save with the building either way though. Applause
Cheers, the Bear. Smile
Looking good T.
Thanks guys ....I like the flat roof better , too , and can go that direction since the peaked roof isn't glued down . I wanted to give myself a couple of options .

I researched this building and found that the model was to replicate a street car barn in Australia ! This structure is only one part of a large L-shaped building that I managed to see blue prints of . I can't get any photos ...was wondering how the front part of the peaked roof on the 2 story section was finished . I've wracked my feeble brain but can't come up with anything that I think looks good .....I may stick with the flat roof idea . The warehouse that this model will represent would probably have the simpler roof in real life .

Often the peak is a "false front" and there will be a flat roof behind. Or perhaps a shallow peak.

DPM/Walthers have both those options for the modular sets. The attachment shows both types. You can also put the flat roof behind the peak.

I think I will go with the flat roof ....would have been interesting to see a pic of the building just for my own information ......was part of the Melbourne Brunswick and Coburg Tramway system , apparently but no pics of the structure on Google images .

Looks like to interesting projects, I agree on the flat roof for the warehouse.

Keep us posted!
The building is basically complete with details yet to be added ......doors , windows etc . I'm also working on a couple of 5 foot sections of blue foam " mountains " for my backdrop . One of the 5 foot banks is almost complete and in place while the other is almost done . I haven't used this product for mountains before ...usually cushion foam and/or plaster of paris . The blue foam is the costliest and messiest method by far but so far I like the results .
I'm not sure if I'm just trying to con myself but I wonder if this is/was the building??????? At street view level some parts look similar but then that possibly is because of the architecture of the time.
Edit Can I use scale compression further justification???

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://www.google.co.nz/maps/place/807+Sydney+Rd,+Brunswick+VIC+3056,+Australia/@-37.7565652,144.9572189,486a,20y,90h,44.89t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6ad643556a316093:0x5f6a3eec56758ebb!8m2!3d-37.757395!4d144.9635824">https://www.google.co.nz/maps/place/807 ... 44.9635824</a><!-- m -->

Cheers, the baffled Bear. Smile
The building is similar to one half of the Melbourne , Brunswick and Coburg Tram Shed , Australia , ........just the part that can look like a warehouse for my layout .

The building is about done ( pics later ) and I'm moving on to the flat car with steam shovel load . How would the shovel be secured in real life ...guy wires , wheel chocks etc ? I can't seem to find anything in Google images .



The flat car hasn't been glued together yet and details , grabs , brake wheel etc will be added . The steam shovel needs the various cables installed which will be a lot of fun for my old eyes .
A new steam shovel might be shipped with the boom and shovel not attached, and perhaps with the stack not installed atop the boiler, although the photo below shows otherwise.
The April, 2006 issue of RMC had a fairly lengthy article on Bucyrus-Erie, but most of the loads shown were of parts or partial assemblies of much larger shovels and cranes.
Since the steam shovel appears to be weathered, I'd guess it to be travelling to a job site. Unless your overhead track clearances are very generous, the boom/shovel assembly should be lowered as much as is possible, with the control cab/track assembly moved closer to one end of the car to allow for this.

Here's a photo of shovels in transit, but it's not close enough to show much detail and the site on which I found it had nothing else which showed anything better.

I'd guess that there'd be at least a couple of chains or cables over the boom/bucket assembly, and perhaps some blocking fore and aft of the tracks...it's not likely that it would roll on its own, but careless switching might move it. The blocking would most likely be bolted to the car's deck or secured by extensions into the stake pockets.

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