Full Version: modelsof1900's Get off yer duff Challenge (Part I)
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First part is to finish my long time project - five White Swan reefers.

[Image: whiteswan_070k.jpg]

This was the start with frames taken from old Roundhouse fish-belly reefers in July 2012 ...

[Image: whiteswan_002k.jpg]

... over some errancies and confusions (in German: Irrungen und Wirrungen) regarding the hight of models.

[Image: whiteswan-wh_01.jpg]

And a lot of detailing work with the most difficult part - the door latch!

[Image: whiteswan-tuerverriegelung_13k.jpg]

Yes, one of these reefers is ready already out of a gentle weathering ...

[Image: whiteswan_082k.jpg]

... and so it will not be a graet challenge for finishing, I think. However I'm sure that I can reach an end of this project, finally!
Maybe, that this project should be run outside of challenge.
After a longer stoppage time now the last steps at my White swan models - adding the last details after painting and decaling by my friend Jörg.

[Image: whiteswan_086k.jpg]

To be continued.
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Beautifully Done! Worship

I think that you are fortunate indeed that your friend Jörg's talents in painting and lettering are equal to yours in modelmaking.

Mike, Doc, thank you very much!

Today in the evening I added last grab irons, now the last brake parts are to add yet.
After a few vacation days I will finish the models in a week after next and there the last small details of brakes must be added yet. However the models must make a last trip to my friend for a last fine aging, they will receive a little bit dust yet - and then they are ready for using. Finishing this projct after four and a half years, definitively! I hope that models can run a first time in June while an US meeting in its finished condition. And maybe with my also finished and re-lettered small N&W class G1 consolidation as seen on picture before.
Thanks for your interest and friendly comments! However as I said, some last pictures will follow yet.
It's DONE!
My reefers have leaved my worktable. Today in the morning I took this last picture - together with a very well fitting loco model and my newest caboose in its original condition yet.

[Image: whiteswan_88kk.jpg]

Maybe that you will not see the differences in comparison to last picture, however there are grab irons installed on all cars and some small (here invisible) brake parts.
In next days they will be shipped to my friend for last small corrections of painting and adding a bit dust. And then they will be transferred to their elementary environment, how my friend says. And then will come additional pictures, unfortunately not before June this year.

Please open this description here in forum - http://bigbluetrains.com/forum/viewtopic...=22&t=6827 in order to read the history of second part of this project or see a full gallery on my website. Thanks!
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Reinhard, thanks! Only two minutes after my posting!
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thanks also to you for your friendly reply! Nice to read about your interest in these models!
Sorry sir ,, I was at a loss for words. :oops: