Full Version: modelsof1900's Get off yer duff Challenge (Part II)
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Second item is this new N&W class CF caboose, again a brass model and an "the elder brother" of my shortly finished class CG caboose.

[Image: nw_caboosecg-cf-00k.jpg]

The brake parts need some corrections and then I will add the interior decoration, lighting, train end lanterns, painting! Especially the trucks need new nylon bearings because the model has extremely bad running property.

Unfortunately I can not start with this work before January of next year because I will have an eye surgery in next week and there I must avoid all exhausting work including an exertive work with eyes while next for weeks. However I'm hoping for success - and a new and better sight on my model building projects!
Now it's time to start my second challenge, my new N&W caboose of class CG which I would like to use together with my old-time class G1 loco of N&W - see Digitalizing a small loco.

Like with each new model - checking the underside with a not so bad result:

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-02k.jpg]

The brake was well detailed and especially it was that what I would like to have - a K-brake like it was installed at prototypes after 1900. But not all is very good!

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-05k.jpg]

First I started with small modifyings on the trucks, the cast on brake shoes onto the side frames have given a wrong look!
I filed and grinded they off from the side frames and replaced they by Kadee brake pads so the shoes are positioned exactly on level of wheels now.
And second I added power wipers on insulated wheels which I made from coupler center springs from Kadee.

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-06k.jpg]

Now the frame and brake and as I said, not bad but also not good!
Look the bolsters and cross bearers. They all were only brass strips and not very prototype-like! I streigthed them and glued thin plastic under the bolsters and brass strips so they look like real cross-bearers.

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-07k.jpg]

And I replaced all the not prototypically bent brake rods by real straight ones where the small chains at ends are already prepared for their connection to hand brake shafts under the end sills of platforms.
With taking the last picture I have seen that the toilet sink must be also filled yet by a bit of two component resin then such an open pot gives also not a very good look! Sure, a trifle only but it disturbs me!

To be continued.
A little progress at the housing of model.

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-08k.jpg]

Arrows mark some of these positions where NBWs ought to be inserted and not only small eatched circles!

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-09kp.jpg]

And the additions:

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-12k.jpg]

NBWs added onto side walls and at all handholds, drain pipes from cupola and from roofs to large grab poles at platforms, savety chains at platforms, finer coupler lift rods with short chains, train end lanterns which are drilled for lighting.
Small things, but I missed them because the all are well visible on pictures in a gallery of NWHS.

First: Wish you all a good and lucky New Year 2018!

Yes, I have not written about this project for a longer time (10 months) however it was lyying exactly for 9 months.
Last picture before painting was this with the prepared interior equipment.

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-14k.jpg]

And so it was sent to my friend for painting. The result getting short before Christmas is that.

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-15k.jpg]

In last days I added a bit electrical equipment ...

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-16k.jpg]

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-17k.jpg]

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-18k.jpg]

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-19k.jpg]

... and this is the new intermediate result. Now there aren't more many things which are to add, windows glazing, a bit more weathering and as last adding the air hoses.
Then also this model will have got his final condition however already in three weeks it will be in use a first time where it will run on a large layout.
I think that I can show some pictures of that!
Today the last small additions were don - the caboose ist ready!

[Image: nw_cf-caboose-20k.jpg]

Maybe that I ought to add a bit of dust and two caboose men inside however, that all after a first use in two weeks on a large exhibition where the caboose ought to run with my old trains before 1920.

[Image: cabooses_4-01k.jpg]

A complete view on my lighted cabooses - from left: An old and cheap free-lance lettered caboose for my CA&Y Ry. with the brake man and illuminated lantern on platform. Next a Walthers caboose of SP, then my new N&W caboose of N&W, just finished, and on the right the class CG caboose of N&W.
I'm sure that this row of cabooses will raise in next time, a PRR caboose is in preparation and I need also an additional caboose for my new UP Bull Moose.

[Image: cabooses_5-01kk.jpg]

I know also that you will never find this constellation of cabooses and loco on a layout. However I love all these models with their illuminated lamps, classification lights and lanterns so I would like to show you this picture also.
Exquisite work, as always, my friend. Applause Thumbsup Applause Thumbsup Applause

Thanks, Doc! Nice to read your honoring comments!