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Well since I was the who asked about a challenge I probably should participate =)

I had a few structure projects sitting around and I was having a hard time figuring out why I have not finished them. Many of them just need a little work and some final touches, but the main thing was they had no place to actually go. I have also been wanting to take picture of some of my other projects, like freight cars, but have not had a suitable backdrop for pictures. I decided that they best way to get the most projects completed and motivate me to work on other projects was to build a display/photography module. The plan is to have it fully wired and able to allow a locomotive to move over it, this will also allow me to test equipment while I am programming.

So the basic structure will consist of a 48" long by 18" module that will be supported by some wall brackets. The backdrop will then rest along the back edge being held in place by the module, If I decide to change the scene I can pull the back drop and put in a different one later. I have also designed the module to be able to be expanded at a later date by adding additional modules. I also have attempted to design them so that if I wanted to I could salvage the module and incorporate it into a Free-mo module in the future.
The basic module is made from some 3/4" plywood I had sitting around, I wanted it to be sturdy and also able to conform to my other Free-mo builds.

[Image: IMG_2349.JPG]

The pieces where then glued and brad nailed together which made pretty quick work of it.

[Image: IMG_2357.JPG]

I did not place a rib along the back as it did not seem necessary, I have two wall brackets and also to blocks holding the module up, which seems to be enough. The module is not really that heavy and does not hang out that far, also I do not plan on having to stand on it or having much weight so that has not been a concern.
mountaingoatgreg Wrote:Well since I was the who asked about a challenge I probably should participate

Probably a very good idea, in fact almost mandatory. Wink
The purpose of the module is also a good idea.
Cheers, the Bear. Smile
Thanks Ja Bear for the vote of confidence. Icon_lol

Here is the backdrop in progress

[Image: IMG_2327.JPG]

[Image: IMG_2332.JPG]

[Image: IMG_2338.JPG]

[Image: IMG_2340.JPG]

[Image: More%2BMountains.JPG]

[Image: now%2Bwith%2Btrees.JPG]
Pretty convincing Thumbsup
With the backdrop done and the basic layout started it is time to start getting things put together. The backdrop just rest against the brackets and I temporarily used some screws to hold it in place along the top, I am going to make a piece of trim to make it more clean looking.

[Image: IMG_2358.JPG]

The next thing was to attach layout to the brackets.

[Image: IMG_2360.JPG]

With the layout in place I was able to secure foam to the top and set up a few buildings to see how things will look.

[Image: IMG_2396.JPG]
Gotta luv that backdrop!! Worship
You are an artist,aren't you? Looks great!
I agree: great-looking backdrop, Greg! Thumbsup Thumbsup

No fair, professional artists should not be able to participate.

Thanks guys for the comments!!

I did take a few art classes in my life but I am not an artist by trade. I have been know to draw sometimes but this is only the third time I have attempted a backdrop painting. I used water soluable oil paint which are very forgiving and I look forward to doing more painting in the future.
I was able to spend some time working on the layout arranging and rearranging the buildings along the edge of the backdrop to get the right look. I think I have finally got a plan I ma happy with. There will be enough room to have the buildings I wanted to include and the track arrangement without it looking to compressed.

[Image: IMG_2399.JPG]
In an effort to keep things progressing I am going to try to take a page out of AK-MILW (Andy's) page and try to tackle one scene at a time. I have admired his approach and I am going to try to emulate it. If you have not seen his process you should spend some time on his Milwaukee Road in Wisconsin, 1950's thread.

With that said I have decided to start on the left side working from back towards the front. I have started with the Drinkwater place, which is in need of some fixing up and cleaning up. This would be a good example of the wrong side of the tracks. The house is a small two story home with a detached garage built in the 1940's

The Garage, looks a little messy.
[Image: IMG_2511.JPG]

More Garage
[Image: IMG_2512.JPG]

The house and garage together
[Image: IMG_2513.JPG]
Looking good ....love the backdrop ...ads a lot of depth to the scene .

Getting pretty trashy around here...

[Image: IMG_2520.JPG]

[Image: IMG_2516.JPG]

[Image: IMG_2518.JPG]
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