Full Version: morten1996's Get off yer duff Challenge (Part II)
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Started in Jan. 2017 I hope to finish this project soon.

A scartchbuilt GM&O #1900, the prototype made by Ingalls (one produced ever)

My typical start as a Frankenstein (combining a FA with a monitor roof and some PS-pads)

[Image: I-1.jpg]

a little bit later

[Image: I_11.jpg]

[Image: I_12.jpg]

Once again many sanding sessions followed

[Image: iso_1.jpg]

[Image: ISO_2.jpg]

Some more details & grilles applied (and down in the basement late in the evening - causing poor conditions for taking pictures...sorry)

[Image: iso0251.jpg]

[Image: side_025.jpg]

[Image: iso0252.jpg]

A picture of the prototype


It's not often we see a modeller able to replicate in miniature a railroad's entire roster of a particular locomotive type. With your two Challenge entries, Norman, you've accomplished this feat twice! Eek

Very nice work and some ingenious modelling techniques, too. Applause Applause Applause

@ Wayne
thanks for the nice comment

Started with the shell's paint job - still some faults has to be corrected as well as the separate painting of the inside of the rear vestibule.

[Image: 2017_218_1.jpg]

[Image: 2017_218_3.jpg]

[Image: 2017_218_2.jpg]

[Image: 2017_218_4.jpg]

Some progress on coloring #1900
Roof & lower part of the pilots using light black to reduce the contrast to the bright red - there are several areas to be corrected due to overspray...

[Image: front1.jpg]

[Image: rear1.jpg]

[Image: side_03_3.jpg]

Hi Norman,

I love that engine. It was the yard darling during the time it was used from the GM&O. Applause
Some progress on the paint job - also have enlarged the portholes inner diameter to more resemblence of the prototype

[Image: front1_03.jpg]

[Image: front2_03.jpg]

[Image: rear1_03.jpg]

[Image: side1_03.jpg]

Temporary sunshades of masking tape will be replaced after final varnish

Thumbsup Applause