Full Version: Walthers Modular Building
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Hi folk! I'm in the process of finally kitbashing the large brick factory for the layout. Many years ago, I bought Walthers modular parts for that task, but I found out I grossly underestimated what I needed. I'm not interested using DPM kits because they are too far from my prototype.

I've searched online, but found nothing, even on the auction sites. Maybe some hobby shops in Europe or somewhere else have some stock.

Knowing we all buy too much stuff, I take a chance and ask if some people here have unused kits or parts that could be suitable for the project.

I would need the equivalent of an entire set of Walthers Large Walls with Single Large Arched Window 933-3734 and a set of Wall Columns & Caps 933-3725.

Thank you in advance!