Full Version: Our honorary moderator
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As some of you that have been with us a long time, as far back as the original Gauge, you might remember Sumpter250 (Pete Juengst) as a moderator and a very active contributor from the get-go. Well, Pete has been having some health problems, both with his memory and physically, and will most likely not be able to visit Big Blue anything soon. We've discussed Pete's situation among the staff and his two daughters and decided to honor Pete by making him an honorary moderator as well as opening this sub-forum to feature Pete's work as a modeler. His modeling works are what I would consider, museum quality, both in model railroading and ship building.

We will gather what we can of what Pete has shown us on Big Blue, and his daughters, Tiffanie and Heather, will post what they can as well.

Please stick around, if you're not familiar with Pete's work you will be amazed at what he has done over the years.

We wish Pete the best with dealing with his illness, and that he gets the care that he needs.