Full Version: The Hobo Camp Fire Is going well #VIII.. Stop In!!!
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Welcome all to the eighth thread in the Hobo Campfire series. We reached 5000 posts on the last one so it's time to start a new one.

Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome
Just a quick pop-in to say thank you to the admins and to all who contribute to this thread. It's always enjoyable to hear what everyone has to say.

FiatFan Wrote:Just a quick pop-in to say thank you to the admins and to all who contribute to this thread. It's always enjoyable to hear what everyone has to say.


Thanks Tom, it is enjoyable not to have our minds bombarded by politics and other horrible things just for a little while. I like to hear what it's like in other parts of the country and the world from other member's prospective, and to share what's going on in all our lives.We aren't just friends, we're an extended family. Cheers
I disposed most of my old railroad book. Most of them German and some US too. All that information is easy available in the internet today. All the books together filled most of the trunk of my station wagon. The weight is impressive and the rear axis made some "funny" noise on the way to the junk yard. The rear air suspension worked fine and held the car horizontal.
I had also a box full of CDs. They all fit on one USB stick today.
There is still so much to sort, order and dispose in front of me. It is unbelievable how much has been collected over the years. I had a much better control of all my possessions when we lived in rented apartments and moved several times. Settling down "for ever" is an invitation to uncontrolled collection of everything.

We have nice weather this days. Around the freezing point and sunny sky.
Good morning all, by golly, those TV forecasters got it right, it really did rain yesterday... for a little while, but we'll take whatever we can get. There was enough to wet the pavement and even leave a few small puddles. They have rain in the forecast all week, but Thursday is suppose to be the biggie, 30, 40 or 50%, depending on who is reporting.... Crazy

Reinhard, I can relate, got rid of a lot of things, books, tools, hardware, train stuff, furniture and general household stuff, even clothes that we thought we had too much of. We got rid of more and more each time we moved. Now I'm looking around for things, saying, "we used to have that, I could use it now". Oh well, that's life Icon_lol
Greetings, gang.

Partly cloudy and 17 this morning, much warmer than it has been for the last several days. High for today is supposed to be in the upper 20s.

Not much occurred yesterday. Went to the gym and stopped at the grocery store for a couple of things. Today's activities will include another trip to the gym. Also need to start laundry.

Got a call from my older daughter yesterday afternoon. Her father-in-law has probably only a week or two to live. Skilled care has been withdrawn and he is on pain medication only. Only a matter of time.

This weekend I'm headed to South Dakota for grandson's hockey tournament. Leave Friday and get back Monday.

All stay safe.

Ah, starting a new one. Good. Morning. 40's compared to 60's yesterday. Back to 60 tomorrow. Crazy

Yesterday was early out to go visit Will Allen's O gauge layout. Fancy and right on. Came back for lunch and Town took over until into the evening. Long day but a good one.

Have a good one.
Hello Blue
It's 25 and cloudy
Tired from moving weekend snow so just taking it easy.
Afternoon. Big valentines day for Wifey and me. She feeds and I give her plants and shrubs. Happy family. Full of food now. Sleepy. Weather crazy. Cloudy, sunny, cloudy, sunny and cloudy. Warm, cool, warm, cool and warm. All since day break.
Well, I see what rain is, it's been so long I just about forgot. A bit of rain on and off yesterday, overnight and some light stuff all day today. We range from around 1/4" up to 1/2" so far. Tonight is suppose to be about the same.
I have been all morning in the basement sorting all stuff. It is a mess! And one more ride to the junkyard.
The neighbors have an eye on me. They notice very well who fills the dumpsters so frequently.

We got snow this morning and expect freezing rain in the afternoon. The trip to the junkyard is postponed. Don't need to crash my car.
Good morning all, nice day yesterday. The forecast called for rain late in the evening, but it started to rain about mid-morning and was still raining through the night. It was chilly, low 60's for a high, and no difference expected today, a 90% chance. For us, those are nice days since we've had maybe one day of rain in the past four or five months, up until now. As for snow, they're getting their share up north, Flagstaff, Payson and places that normally get snowed upon.
Applause Applause Applause Applause
Pitchers and catchers showed up this week for Spring Training, not much they can do though with all this rain.... 357
Greetings, gang.

Cloudy and 36 this morning and that's the predicted high for the day. Not complaining though. Snow is still disappearing. Yesteday's high of 41 with lots of sunshine really helped get rid of snow also.

Not much on tap for today. I'll be packing for tomorrow's trip to SD to see grandson's hockey tournament. Should be back Sunday evening. Original plan was to return on Monday but weather is not cooperating. Looks to be another snow storm on Sunday night.

Prayers for those in need.

All stay safe.

Morning. Cloudy now and 60's. Suppose to clear and go into the 70's.

Wifey is not a gun person but went off on Mega Kelly and NBC's gun "views". She doesn't like Mega Kelly anyway.

Not much but a lunch meeting.

Greetings, gang.

4 degrees outside this morning with a predicted high in the teens. 38 tomorrow and 47 on Sunday. Then back to the 20s on Monday with rain/freezing rain/sleet. Crazy weather.

Mostly ready to leave. Heading to South Dakota for grandson's hockey tournament. Participation here may be spotty at best over the weekend.

All stay safe.