Full Version: A couple of scratch builds
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Here are a couple of my old scratch builds. This freight station was built from various scraps of wood scribed sheets and strip wood. I couldn't find a kit or kits to kitbash what I liked, so therefore a scratch build.

[Image: UOWqMRY.jpg]

[Image: bVgzev3.jpg]

[Image: PAE6dZZ.jpg]

It does have interior details and lighting. The little cafe below was also built from more or less scraps, including the windows. Ran out of Grant Line windows at the time. There are a few castings such as the wood stove, radio, cash register and such. The stools at the counter are small nails.

[Image: DUEyTfU.jpg]

[Image: yFmVSFV.jpg]

Sometimes you just do what you have to do to get what you want.
beautiful builds, well done Thumbsup
Very nice! Thumbsup
Just love the interiors, great work.. Thumbsup Thumbsup