Full Version: 3-31-18 Happy Birthday
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Congratulations to:

ezdays (84)

Happy B-day and Many More!!!

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Happy Birthday Don---enjoy your special day Cheers
548 Don!! Waveof7 Applause Applause Cheers Thumbsup :mrgreen:
Thank you all. Going to take Packey (Big Blue's webmaster and our son) to dinner tonight, he had his b'day just a few days ago. We don't often get to do this, but since it is a Saturday and we now live just a few blocks from him, we get to see each other a bit more. We stopped trading presents a long time ago, at our age, we normally have everything and if not, we buy it when we need it, no use waiting. We've made a point instead of going out to dinner and the birthday person gets to choose where. Me, I've chosen BBQ... 2285_ Cheers Applause