Full Version: Plastic couplers, Wheelsets & Talgo Trucks
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Hi All
Have for sale a lot of plastic couplers (knuckle, NMRA horn hook & dummies by various makers), wheelsets (Accurail, Athearn & Walthers) & a few Talgo trucks. See attached pix. These are from converting several recent purchases to Kadee #148s & metal wheels. Asking $5.00 for the 28 plastic knuckle couplers + 8 dummies, $3.00 for the NMRA horn hooks (64) , $10.00 for all the plastic wheelsets (88 Walthers, 90 Athearn & 8 Accurail), $2.00 for the 8 Talgo trucks. Altogether everything weighs less than 10 oz. so will be shipped USPS First Class from 90670. Preferred payment is through PayPal using following email addy. Please email me at lajrmdlr AT gmail DOT com with any offers, plus your zip code to figure postage &/or any questions.
Thank you
Andy Jackson
Santa Fe Springs CA
These have been sitting on my desk too long. Anybody willing to pay $15.00 that includes shipping? The above non price info still applies. Please email me at lajrmdlr AT gmail DOT com if interested or to make offers.