Full Version: How to add photos to your posts
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It takes about the same number of steps to add a photo to your posts as it did on our old phpBB forum. As with the old forum software, you cannot gang upload more than one photo at a time, sorry about that, but we don't write the software so we have to use what we get.

Step 1, anytime you are composing your post, you can scroll down to the bottom of the composition window and click on, "browse", as shown.

Step 2, You will be taken to your computer where you can click on the file you want to upload, then click on, "open". Your screen should like this with your file shown on the left. You then need to click on  the, "add attachment" button:

Step 3, You should see your photo name on a separate line as shown:

Step 4,You can repeat step 1-3 to upload more photos to your post. You can do this for up to 25 photos, but a post with a lot more than 10 or 12 photos should really be broken up into several posts for ease of viewing.  When you have them all uploaded, your screen should look something like this:

Step 5, you can place the cursor anywhere in the text field of your post and click on the, "Insert Into Post" button corresponding to the photo that you want to insert in that spot.  Repeat for all your posts and they can be in any order that you choose. If you just want your photos to just be placed at the end of you post, than just skip this step and that's where they will appear. The results should look somewhat like this:

Step 6, After you've clicked on the, "Post Thread", button, the example post I've been using came out looking like this:
I noticed yesterday when I was re-doing the photo placement in that thread in the Academy, that the attachments, as shown in your fourth photo, do not follow a set order.  For example, the first four which I input were listed one after the other, then the next four appeared, in order, working upwards, above the original one first input.  The last four appeared, in order, below the one that had been input fourth.

Obviously, as long as you're paying attention, and are in the process of creating the illustrated thread, this isn't an issue.  However, when I first went to reconstruct the thread, it was impossible, from viewing the list, to determine which numbers represented which photo.  If that had been apparent, I could have merely deleted the photos, then, working from the list of attachments, re-inserted them in their proper place.

Anyway, I know now that to replace missing or mis-placed photos, it's best to simply delete all and start afresh.  Thanks again, though, for upping the limit on attachments:  for a how-to, I think that the text and accompanying photos work best as a single post, where possible.

Yeah, I think the old forum did retain the file name so it was easier to place the photos where you wanted them. Here, by replacing the name with a number, you have to be careful what you do. You can always preview your post and move the attachment links around if they're in the wrong place.