Full Version: I'm back AGAIN
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Hey everyone! I see a lot of familiar names from The Gauge and Zealot, see a lot of new names too.

I haven't logged in for nearly a year, and when I did, I found out by pm that we are no longer at Zealot, so I came over here and signed up right away yesterday. A lot has happened in the past year:
In May we got a puppy, a mini dachshund, and then in Dec we got another one. The older of the two, Rusty, is half long hair and half shor hair, brown in color with some black on his tail and ears. The younger is a short hair, black and tan, with a few white spots. His father was a black and tan, his mother was a dapple.
In Sep my wife and I decided to start trying for another baby, and we got pregnant almost instantly. She is due on June 27, only 4 days after my birthday, with our second son. Our son is now a little over 4yrs old, and depending on the day, is looking forward to having a brother.
My layout is still an hour drive for me, at my parents' house. Understandably, I haven't gotten much work done in the last year at all. I've gotten a little bit of work done carving out the river/lake area, put some foam down in the one corner to build up the hill, a little plaster work, but thats about it.
My wife and I are hoping to buy a townhouse this year. We can no longer afford the one we are renting, and space (and money) is very tight for us here. There is a townhouse not far from us that is part of a first time home buyers program that we are interested. IIRC, it is a 3bed while ours is a 2bed. The mortgage on that particular townhouse would roughly be half of our current rent. We'll see what happens with that though.
I recently got my hours cut at work, and they took away my incoming calls, so now I'm losing out on hourly pay and my bonuses for setting up appointments for customers to come purchase cars. Been looking for a new job for a while, but haven't had anyone call me back. I did have one actually, but the pay system is strictly commision there, so I decided to pass. Not sure how good of a salesman I would make, so don't want to risk it.

Think that about sums it up. Sorry for the long story. Hopefully I'll stick around a bit longer this time than I usually do. For me, its a bit hard to be very interested in the hobby, since I can never actually work on anything where I'm at now.
Good to see you, again! We all have missed you! Welcome to the NEW "old" gauge! Stick around awhile, and feel free to comment on whatever you care to! Welcome
Thank you! And I do hope to become part of the community again (not that I really was ever out of it)