Full Version: HOn20 porter - 3d Printed
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I designed and printed this HOn20 porter to fit on Zscale track!  It's a static model designed for background scenes.  It came out quite well!!!
That's Amazing!!!
(04-22-2019, 11:50 AM)nachoman Wrote: [ -> ]

...It came out quite well!!!

That's an understatement!  Looks like a very well-done ice sculpture, and in miniature no less!!

Got to agree, that has to be a very fun and rewarding piece of technology. Thumbsup
Thanks. Its not perfect technology-the surface is rough in some places and requires careful sanding. My first step is gray primer to highlight the rough areas.
With primer and a few added details.
Sanded the primer, another coat of primer, more sanding, another coat of primer, and then 98 cent home depot black spray paint...
the photos...